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Welcome to Medicare Strategy

Posted March 27, 2017

If you are looking to be more proactive in terms of managing population health, then increasing awareness of your primary care providers and services to those who will be eligible for Medicare following their 65th birthday is one great strategy to implement.

Tea Leaves Health can help make executing this strategy easy through our Welcome to Medicare campaigns. These automated direct mail campaigns deliver personalized, timely messages to Medicare-eligible individuals that promote your high-quality, comprehensive primary care services.

You have the option to talk to people one, two or three months prior to their birthday. Communicating further out allows for a multi-drop approach that can increase follow through. This is an excellent opportunity to convert people to patients, especially if they have lapsed with their current provider, have recently relocated to the area or have avoided care because of poor insurance.

In addition, the calls-to-action on these campaigns drive recipients to call and schedule an appointment for a Medicare covered “Welcome to Medicare” visit. This visit is covered only one time, and it is only offered within the first 12 months of having Part B, so it is critical to share with individuals who qualify in a timely manner.

If building primary care is a strategy of yours, and you’re a current Tea Leaves Health client, then you should attend our upcoming Educational Session on Welcome to Medicare. The session will cover how to set up a trigger campaign, how to create messaging for the campaign, and how to track results to show true ROI. Attend this session to become a Welcome to Medicare expert and be able to explain the difference between the Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) or “Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit” and the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV).

Hosted by:

Jennifer Baker Grogg, Lead Client Strategist

  • Wednesday, April 5 at Noon CST
  • Thursday, April 27 at 2:00 p.m. CST

Let your Client Services team know which session you’d like to attend and you’ll receive a meeting invite.