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Using CRM to Deliver Strategic and Laser-Focused Marketing

Posted October 29, 2018

OSF HealthCare is a regional system comprised of 13 hospitals in Michigan and Illinois, with $2.1 billion in net revenue. In 2015, the system centralized its marketing efforts in order to be more strategically aligned. “For us, everything is strategic,” said Susan Milford, OSF Senior Vice President while presenting at the 2nd Annual Tea Leaves Health Client Summit. “What motivates our team is that we become innovators of marketing,” she explained. And Tea Leaves has played a major role in their marketing transformation.

“The first question is what’s the goal?” Susan said, adding that goals could be big, small or targeted. OSF marketing teams classify objectives and results by awareness (branding), growth (overall patient traffic) and value (creating a healthier population).

Recently, the organization tagged all of its campaigns — based on these three criteria — into its CRM system, and then further drilled down to get more specific information. “We do this for continuous improvement and refinement, and the Tea Leaves data processes help us accomplish this by giving us an easy way to access that data,” said Susan.

One shining example of how OSF is integrating an internally-created campaign with data warehoused and managed by Tea Leaves is its New Movers campaign, a program designed to reach out to individuals, couples and families moving into their service areas. Set up in Tea Leaves as a trigger campaign, New Movers has resulted in nearly 800 new patients to OSF clinics.

Through tagging, the organization can identify trends and to see what tactics and messaging are working, Susan said. “Tea Leaves gives us the ability to track and measure our results. Having this ability allows us continued improvement and the data to reinforce we are making a difference.” OSF is also using capabilities provided by Tea Leaves in orthopedics, neurosciences and OB/GYN. In orthopedics, the organization used Tea Selects to determine potential growth in a new market, according to Diane Schuette, Vice President, Strategic Marketing. A neurosciences email campaign employed a Touch Point file as a risk assessment for stroke. In OB/GYN, it promoted a new provider, an effort that generated significant ROI within two months, Diane said. And the list goes on for OSF, including its “Choosing the Right Level of Urgent Care” campaign, to micro-targeting prospects in rural and underserved areas and using CRM for new products like “OSF OnCall,” Diane said, all in an effort to use multiple sources of information and queries together to zero in on awareness, growth and value.

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