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Turn Resolutions into Reality

Posted January 9, 2017

It is officially 2017! January ushers in the beginning of a brand new year, and with it comes a whole new list of resolutions. Align the promotion of your Bariatric and Weight Management service lines with the timing of the New Year when individuals are most open to change. Now is the best time to execute weight management campaigns – when weight loss is top of mind for many individuals.

Weight Management

The Tea Leaves Health platform makes capturing the right audience in need of weight management services easy and cost-effective. Our solution allows you to easily target men and women who are the likeliest candidates for Bariatric surgery. Our Tea Selects are the best way to reach the most qualified prospects and patients, and can always be customized to your needs and budget. Keep in mind this can also be an excellent starting point to promote non-surgical weight loss strategies, like fitness centers and nutrition services.

Providing relevant communications to the right individuals when they are most likely to be considering a lifestyle change will help people take control of their health, and for those who qualify, convince them to more strongly consider a Bariatric procedure. We can execute direct mail and digital campaigns that connect with individuals in your service area, promote your services and educate recipients about weight management options.

Bariatric procedures, on average, each cost around $20,000. The cost of a digital weight management campaign is roughly $30,000. These types of campaigns typically garner strong, positive ROIs because you only need to convert a couple of prospects into patients in order to cover the cost of the campaign.

When planning your campaigns, try messaging that educates individuals around what surgical options are available, what qualifies a person for surgery, and how to prepare for a weight management procedure. Make sure your calls-to-action (CTAs) are easy to understand and follow.

Many individuals do research online about Bariatric surgery before engaging with a healthcare organization, so include CTAs on your print and digital tactics that direct recipients to a landing page on a website. From there, you can provide more information and encourage visitors to contact the call center to schedule appointments, or send them to the patient portal to book appointments directly. Seminars are another popular way to educate your community about Bariatric surgery, so your communications could also promote these seminars, with a CTA to register.

Other tips for successful Weight Management campaigns:

  • Capture demographic information via web forms and seminar registration and attendance lists as ways to continue the conversation with patients and consumers in your service area.
  • If your call-to-action is to attend a class, seminar or event, keep a list of attendees and provide those to Tea Leaves as a Touch Point file so you can track downstream ROI. Remember, in order to feed the information back into your Tea Leaves application, the name and full address fields are mandatory.

Contact us for all the information you need to build awareness around your Bariatric services. We can guide you in the most effective ways to engage your market and generate stronger ROI.

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