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A Truly Holistic View Into Your Market!

Posted November 14, 2016

Aesop said, “Every truth has two sides. It is as well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either.”

shutterstock_411096739-convertedIn healthcare, those two sides are the patient and the physician. If you’re not analyzing both, are you seeing the full picture?

You may be more familiar with Patientology, the healthcare marketing application with the power to view market share data and identify the best candidates for services.

Or maybe you know Physicianology best, the physician referral application with the prowess to understand physician splitter behavior, identify system leakage, let you view practice data, understand which physicians utilize your system at what level, and identify physician prospects for recruitment purposes.

Ultimately, if your organization is using one or the other, but not both, you may be making strategic decisions without all the information. It’s only when Patientology and Physicianology combine that you gain a truly holistic view into your market.


Below is a snapshot of the combined Patientology and Physicianology capabilities:

Recruit new physicians

Using the GIS mapping function within both applications, get a 360-degree view of your market and what the most self-reported conditions are, what the top risk factors are, or what service lines are utilized most by your population and recruit physicians onto your staff based on local needs.

Identify physicians accepting new patients & fill their practices with appropriate patients

With the insights from Physicianology, view volumes for primary care physicians. Find out which primary care physicians need more volume, and use Patientology to view the patient mix, understand what conditions they have, and build your targeted promotion of the new physician based on that specific information.

See patient origin for your staff physicians and better align specialties

Find your employed physicians within Physicianology, but then take it a step further. Go into Patientology to see the origin of the patients, where they live and what their demographics are. Use both systems together to get a clearer picture of the patient base and better align specialties. Connect the dots by Identifying physicians that focus on a particular specialty, and then finding and reaching out to patients in the market that need that service or procedure.

See where physicians are located in proximity to your patients

Looking to build a new clinic location? First analyze where your patients and prospects reside that are likely to need the specific services offered, and put your clinic where it makes the most sense.

Improve or change payor mix

With Physicianology, identify the financial class of the patients under your physicians. Then use Patientology to run campaigns that shift and improve that payor mix.

Influence Referral Patterns

Use Patientology to influence Physicianology. Look at the patient base and direct those patients to certain physicians through outreach. Prove to your physicians that you have had a direct impact on their volumes. Analyze the physicians and find out if they are referring inside the system or outside, then determine if more work and education needs to be executed by the liaison team to reverse the leakage.

Whether you’re saving lives or simply looking to grow market share, a vast amount of information becomes available when you use Patientology in tandem with Physicianology.

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