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The True Value of Unlimited Support

Posted January 29, 2018

If your hospital is in the process of selecting a new CRM or PRM vendor, and you’re at the stage of contract redlines, what are you finding? No obligation to provide additional support as needed? All maintenance and technical support for your users will be your responsibility after implementation? Out-of-pocket expenses, like the costs of travel to your facility for training, will be billed back to you afterwards?

Perhaps the vendors you’re vetting are only promising you a set amount of account management hours. Anything above and beyond that will undoubtedly require a revised estimate with a hefty fee. And if you don’t use the support hours in the first year, can they be carried over into subsequent years? Probably not. Some vendors may charge you an additional rate per hour for any hours exceeding the agreed upon amount.

But what happens when their application doesn’t live up to expectations, and the account management hours you thought you’d need run out in the first few months of the contract? How much will you be willing to spend to get the support you need?

At Tea Leaves Health, our clients receive an unlimited amount of support. No extra costs, no additional fees for hours or travel or support. NONE. But what does that truly mean, exactly? How do you quantify the worth of unlimited?

We’ve determined that the grand total of unlimited support for a three-year contract is valued at roughly $368,640.

And what does unlimited support include, exactly?
Access to our Client Services team at any time (during work hours) for the following:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Online Trainings
  • Running Reports
  • Running Queries
  • Checking Counts
  • Bi-weekly Check-in Calls
  • Presentations to Executive Leadership
  • Onsite Strategy Sessions
  • Educational Sessions (Lunch and Learn offerings)
  • Ordering Campaigns
  • Reviewing Invoices
  • The list goes on and on.

The Tea Leaves Health One Platform is the most intuitive and user-friendly in the industry, so most clients don’t require a lot of support. However, if our clients need assistance with anything, we’re there. We offer the strongest, most knowledgeable client support team on the market, who are available to help as needed without any additional fees.

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For a detailed breakdown of how we calculated the value of unlimited support:

download “The True Value of Unlimited Support” here.