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Touch Point Reporting from Start to Finish

Posted May 15, 2017

Are you utilizing your data to its full potential? If you’re hosting events and seminars, running cooking classes or have web forms on your website, are you capturing contact and demographic information on the people who attend or engage with you online? If not, a huge opportunity awaits you. If you are collecting that information, Tea Leaves Health can track downstream revenue generated by activities other than marketing campaigns via Touch Point Reporting.

Touch Point Reporting, within our Patientology™ application, allows clients to track what they want to track and run reports on the results that are the most important to them. Often, healthcare systems like to see how many Bariatric seminar attendees translated into LAP-BAND placements, how many Fitness Center members got connected with a PCP, what health risks employees are most at-risk for, how many web form registrants requested a free gift but never sought care, or how many service referral calls to the call center became patients.

This can be done by simply sending updated call center lists, web form lists, lists of email addresses, foundation contacts, volunteers, fitness center & med spa members and any other marketing lists to Tea Leaves. We can tie these individuals back to encounters. In order for a Touch Point to get “credit” for an encounter, the encounter must occur after the activity date, and not take place more than two years after the activity date. Once we’ve received the lists, we do the work on the back end and results are available within the reports to be analyzed as needed after the next data update.

If you’re a current Tea Leaves client, you may find it valuable to attend our upcoming Educational Sessions: Touch Point Reporting from Start to Finish – whether you’re using this benefit regularly or have never submitted a Touch Point file. We’ll cover why Touch Point Reporting is important, what it really tells you, and how to run and read a report.

Hosted by: Jennifer Ellestad, Senior Lead Client Strategist, Patientology

Choose from two session dates, available exclusively for clients:

  • Thursday, May 18 at Noon CST
  • Wednesday, May 24 at 2:00 p.m. CST

To attend, email marketing@tealeaveshealth.com.