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Top 5 Physicianology Use Cases

Posted December 13, 2016


The Physicianology™ referral management software developed by Tea Leaves Health was designed with the Physician Liaison in mind. It combines internal and external information for outreach, engagement, measurement and analysis all within one interface.

Below are our most common scenarios where Liaisons use Physicianology to increase strategic growth for their organization.


The Top 5 Physicianology Use Cases:

  1. Understand where physicians have workload in the market

    You’ve been assigned a list of physicians to work with, and in order to improve relationships you need to know where the physicians are spending their time (and if any are splitting workload with a competing facility). Simply log into the Physicianology application and view the percentage of workload at your facility vs. a competitor for each physician. You can even search physicians by name.

  2. Identify potential sources of leakage out of the system

    Once you’re aware of your physicians’ total workload at your organization and their workload at a competitor, you can find the physicians whose workload is at a competitor, and identify them as a source of leakage. You can then work with that physician to shift that number so their workload and referrals stay within your system.

  3. Determine which PCPs have relationships with your specialists

    You need to increase referrals to specialists, and one sure fire way to do so is to find out which PCPs have relationships with your specialists so you can follow up accordingly. You can do so in Physicianology by reviewing the Influence reports and filtering as needed.

  4. Analyze physician utilization

    Take a look at which physicians are unengaged, engaged or employed. Search physicians both internally and externally, individually or by practice, by facility, staff, ACO/PHO/CI or any ad hoc group you define, (i.e. PCPS affiliated with competitor). Visit the Contacts section of Physicianology and use the tabs to analyze physician utilization. Define your own ad hoc groups by applying an enhanced filter.

  5. Measure the impact of liaison outreach
    Stakeholders are knocking down your door, demanding tangible results that prove your work is making a difference on the bottom line. You need to bring those results to a budget planning meeting to secure funding of your program for the following year. You can go to the Liaison Impact report and get all the proof you need at your fingertips. This report shows the activities for each Liaison and the associated encounters and charges. Walk into the meeting with confidence, knowing that your claims are backed by hard data that can tell your story, prove your worth and secure those dollars.

Start using Physicianology’s real-time capabilities today to elevate your Liaison program to a higher level. Contact our Physicianologists to get more information, and download the full Top 5 Physicianology Use Cases document here.

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