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The Modern Marketing Power Couple: Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

Posted December 11, 2018

As a self-professed content enthusiast, Eric Silberman loves stories, especially those that evoke passion and explore the “human element.” Eric also loves using marketing automation to drive great content to targeted audiences to get results.

“In anything, automation drives growth,” Eric said. “The same thing is happening to us as consumers, and as healthcare marketers. Content has proliferated tremendously, and that is a function of automation.” Eric shared a statistic projecting a 600% growth in marketing automation by 2020. “The question becomes, ‘How does a healthcare brand stand out from the clutter?’ especially when much of it is crap?” Eric asked.

While the projections show a huge spike in marketing automation, Eric says only 9% of marketers believe their messaging is effective, and 70% have trouble connecting marketing with ROI. That’s where combining great content (like the kind Eric and True North Custom create) with quality datasets and platforms from Tea Leaves can drive serious results.

So, what are the keys to creating effective content and marrying it to automation to maximize results? First, content should be customer-centric, since it’s those stories that resonate most with your audience. “Remember, it’s about them, not you,” Eric said. Second, the content and stories you generate should provide a balance of useful information and emotion. “You don’t want to give the impression that you’re selling something,” Eric said.

Third, you should continuously improve on your content and its delivery. Eric said the key is to always be looking for good stories, and to continue to challenge the organization to create better content and marketing automation.

Once you master the creation of effective content, you need a delivery system that will ensure it reaches the proper audience(s). “This is about recognizing – and participating in – the evolution from mass-market content delivery to a much more targeted approach – what Eric calls the “Era of Relevance.”

“The relationship with Tea Leaves, its datasets and how that information can be used in an automated fashion can greatly improve your content and subsequently, increase trust, loyalty, growth and revenue,” he said. “If we develop good content, and combine it with effective automation, we can maximize client touches and outcomes. If you can connect to someone within an hour vs. 24 hours for an inquiry, you’re 60 times more likely to have a meaningful conversation.”

Eric talked about an orthopedics program that combined the capabilities of True North and Tea Leaves to create effective content and used automation to promote the service line and develop a relationship with potential patients. The client used Tea Leaves analytics to push out initial content to a targeted audience. Based on initial responses, that first touch activated a multi-phase direct marketing campaign to promote the client’s orthopedic service line, and specifically, community seminars.

“Based on our collaborative strategy and tactics, we were able to maximize attendance at the seminars and also stay in touch with those who didn’t show up or who attended but were never heard from again,” Eric said.

By using Tea Leaves Health to refine your targets, messaging, strategies and tactics, clients can greatly improve the rate of closure, retention and further development of the patient relationship.