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The Electronic Vs. Paper Debate

Posted September 4, 2018

While highly-qualified patients and prospects lie waiting in the wings, the debate about the effectiveness of reaching audiences with direct mail versus email rages on.

Email is extremely cost effective and easy to execute; however, it shouldn’t be the only tactic you’re using to communicate with those in need of your services. It takes many points of communication to get a prospect to convert to a patient. You’ll get the best response rates by using multiple channels to promote your services and offerings to the community – including direct mail.

Yes, direct mail is still a relevant medium for targeted marketing today. This holds true particularly in light of the frequent data breaches occurring recently, and the rising concerns people have around their online activities and data security. Many individuals are becoming weary of having their data mined, sold and used without their permission.

Direct mail is a highly-preferred medium for receiving health information (even among millennials)! And remember, there are people you don’t have email addresses for that still need to receive messages about your services.

Ideally, you should try executing direct mail and email in tandem, while utilizing Tea Leaves Health’s targeted data whenever possible. Why not leverage the highly-targeted audience at your fingertips to add additional breadth to your campaigns?

Tea Leaves Health can help maximize your integrated direct mail and email strategy with:

  • Staff designers to make creative cohesive between mediums
  • Direct mail and email templates that let you plug and play
  • A user-friendly application that allows you to make creative updates, download proofs and order campaigns in minutes.

If your organization is only running email campaigns, adding a direct mail component to your strategy will ensure that you engage more of the right audience with your call-to-action.

Alternatively, if you’re only running direct mail campaigns, email is not an expensive medium to add to your campaigns. It’s extremely cost-effective through Tea Leaves, especially considering the bump you’ll see in response by adding email into the mix. Email allows you to make an additional impression on your target audience.

We recommend sending a combination of direct mail and email to the same audience to maximize your reach and results. Make the email portion of your campaign look similar to your direct mail, and vice versa. This keeps your message top-of-mind with your target audience, and the cohesiveness between the two tactics sends a well-rounded message to recipients.

Tea Leaves makes this process effortless through our marketing automation capabilities. You can set up automated campaigns – which we call Tea Flows – and program them to touch individuals with a direct mail piece first, and then automatically follow up with an email message as a second touch point. That email message can be sent days or even weeks later, and can be tailored to the action (or lack thereof) that the recipients took after receiving the direct mail piece.

As you continue to develop campaigns, automatically plan to use both direct mail and email. Your stakeholders will thank you.

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