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The Decisionology TOP 10 Advantages

Posted April 23, 2018

Know your market, leverage the full extent of your data and track growth through the only platform that provides what it promises – a proven solution others can’t deliver.


Below are the top 10 advantages Decisionology has to offer:

  1. Report filters – Intuitive filters on the Decisionology dashboard let you drill down into campaign service lines to easily measure the success of service line initiatives.
  2. Enterprise patient tracking features – View where new patients enter your system. Have the ability to follow individuals over time as they interact with you. Track downstream utilization and revenue of specific, client-defined patient cohorts. Measure revenue generation potential of campaigns targeting specific populations or services. Assess the lifetime value potential of patient acquisition – find out how much a new primary care patient is worth; or a new mother, a cardiac CT scan, etc.
  3. Ad-hoc reports – Designed to support mid-level ad-hoc analysis and data export needs, the reports allow you to select and filter on a list of relevant dimensions, measures and date ranges to create custom reports and data downloads.
  4. Customer segmentation – Segment by age, gender, patient type, care settings, geographic markets and utilization history to get very granular views of which demographic segments are growing.
  5. Next-generation operational trend analytics – Analyze micro-level growth trends and visualize what factors drove growth trends up or down across multiple dimensions: Patients, locations, providers, financial classes, demographics, etc.
  6. Enterprise-wide view of your market – Fully leverage the value of your data submission efforts and our processing expertise. Decisionology gives you an enterprise-wide view of where growth is happening and why.
  7. Multi-dimensional reporting – Reports that span the spectrum of users and use cases. Get access to complex cross-sections of encounter data to support internal analysis. View and download multiple utilization and financial metrics by facility, patient type, payer, service line, multiple clinical codes – without ever writing a query.
  8. Visual BI dashboards – Help executives spot opportunities in historic trends and growth forecasts by slicing-and-dicing reports, providing analysts with “raw” data access, and exporting growth, strategy and operational analytics reports.
  9. Patient and prospect population trends – Analyze macro-level patient and prospect demographic trends to support opportunity assessment and strategic development.
  10. Claims data analysis – View “Us vs. Them” report to determine market and service line potential and analyze service line capture at multiple levels – from large competitor groups to individual providers.

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