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Tea Leaves Health releases latest release of Patientology

Posted February 9, 2016

Tea Leaves Health, the leading provider of SaaS-based communication solutions for health systems, announced today the most recent release of their strategic growth solution Patientology. More robust and powerful than ever, the patient acquisition and engagement software will further extend the scope of available data, allowing health systems to execute more highly-targeted marketing campaigns and prove the value of their marketing strategy through clear results.

“Given the industry shift toward population health and continuity of care, it’s more important than ever for our clients to know the characteristics of their current and potential patients”, stated Jody Spusta, Vice President of Patientology Client Services for Tea Leaves Health. “The Patientology tool provides hospitals with the essential business intelligence needed to learn their audiences’ preferences so they can communicate with them accordingly and invite them to be active participants in their care.”

This particular release of the Patientology technology features:

  • A revamped navigation menu with added functionality, giving clients more control over what data is displayed and how it is presented.
  • A major upgrade to Query Builder – Patientology’s targeted list-building engine, providing more ways to understand the demographics of individuals within hospitals’ service areas.
  • Campaign targeting based on micro-segmentation (minute targeted marketing using multiple data points).
  • Significant enhancements to the reporting capabilities as follows:
    • Users can close the loop on the patient journey with access to more encounter records and the ability to link campaign results to specific encounters.
    • Campaign and Touch Point Success Criteria
      • Success Criteria greatly extends the power and flexibility of service line matching to a much more granular level. Success Criteria includes any combination of service lines, clinical codes, facilities, patient types and physicians/providers.
    • Campaign and Touch Point Success Tagging
      • Allows users to add custom keyword search capabilities to groups of campaigns or touch points so results can be viewed in aggregate. Reports are automatically de-duped and summarized across an entire group of campaigns or touch points sharing the same tag, providing one-touch access to custom reporting.
    • Refined campaign metrics and ROI calculations.
    • New point-and-click, drag-and-drop user interface (UI) enables users to edit report layouts and filter data to meet different needs.
    • Expanded utilization reports.
    • Quick access to summary data on multiple metrics.
    • Fully-customizable dashboard widgets, custom layouts, fewer clicks and easier analysis of results.

“Tea Leaves has responded to the market and enhanced its solution to meet the ever-changing demands. We will always invest in and evolve our technology to bring these and other client-requested enhancements to the forefront”, continued Spusta. “We will continue to enhance our interface and reporting capabilities in order to make communication of return-on-investment to senior stakeholders much more direct and impactful.”