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Tea Leaves Health partners with Clariture Health

Posted September 9, 2014

Tea Leaves Health, a leader in business intelligence for the healthcare industry, has partnered with Clariture, a healthcare marketing platform that helps providers target, engage and retain patients in digital, social and mobile channels.

As the nature of healthcare marketing – and the expectations of the healthcare consumer – evolve, digital, direct-to-consumer communication has become a major tool in attracting and retaining patients,according to Jim Schleck, president and CEO of Tea Leaves.

“We realize that to stay ahead of the curve, we need to find strategic partners that propel us forward,” he said. “By partnering with Clariture – a true leader in digital, social and mobile healthcare marketing technology – we continue to align with best-in-class strategic partners to expand the opportunities and power of the Big Data business intelligence platforms we provide for our healthcare clients.” Healthcare providers use Clariture’s HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing platform to reach out to targeted consumers and engage them in their preferred channels. Now, Tea Leaves can offer Clariture’s platform as an integrated solution. The partnership enables healthcare organizations to reach out to consumers in newer channels more efficiently and to measure the effectiveness of those efforts in real time. Tea Leaves is the first business intelligence provider to integrate Clariture into its data platforms.

“They are separate products, but we’ve been able to integrate Clariture’s healthcare marketing platform in innovative ways that enable microtargeting,” Schleck said, “and the creation of additional mapping and modeling helps identify exactly who we want to reach. Then, we are able to provide comprehensive reporting and accountability to help our clients track the effectiveness or ROI of a marketing effort.” Only one year since its founding, Clariture already has several large healthcare organization clients on its platform, all of which have experienced significant patient acquisition and revenue growth. “Our healthcare marketing technology is consumer-driven, allowing providers to reach prospective patients through the channels where they’re spending the most time, such as social networks, search engines and mobile devices,” said Daniel Hightower, CEO of Clariture. “We make sure our platform is integrated into our clients’ business intelligence platforms to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately providing unparalleled clarity into how successful our clients’ digital growth efforts are from an ROI perspective.”

And that, says Hightower, is what makes the relationship with Tea Leaves an ideal fit. “Our platforms mesh perfectly, and that means more measurable and impactful results for our shared clients,” he said. This relationship is truly changing the way healthcare organizations will communicate with — and market to — their customers, whether it’s driving patient volume, providing on-line scheduling or leading the charge into the realm of population health by educating the public about issues that are forefront in medicine and should be on the top of patients’ minds,” Schleck said.

About Clariture Health


Clariture is the consumer-focused healthcare marketing platform that guides people to the care they need in a more connected world. By integrating social, search and mobile with sophisticated consumer and patient data, Clariture provides a unifying platform that delivers engaging content to the people most likely to utilize specific healthcare services. To learn more about how Clariture can maximize your digital growth strategies, please visit www.clariturehealth.com.