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Strategies for Field Success

Posted October 4, 2018

Texas Health Resources (THR) is a large system with many facilities across a number of disciplines depending on 900+ physicians. That said, growing, maintaining and monetizing these physicians is key to both the quality of care delivery and the patient experience, as well as maximizing revenue. At the 2nd Annual Tea Leaves Health Client Summit, in her presentation titled, “Strategies for Field Success,” Tricia Anderson explained, “Overall, Tea Leaves has helped our business growth specialists become more strategic and intentional with regard to physician relations.”

For THR, success on the physician side depends on two primary initiatives:

  1. Traditional business growth, and
  2. A non-traditional approach to attack “leakage.”

The organization’s 2018 end goal is to increase surgical volume, and Tea Leaves is a critical piece of the puzzle. Physicians fall into three buckets:

  1. Growth
  2. Retention
  3. Development.

THR uses the Physicianology software to look at all the physicians in their system – and the percentages of procedures they’re doing with THR – to determine what bucket each physician falls into. That, in turn, determines how Tricia and her team pursues, communicates and develops relationships with their physicians. For growth, THR doesn’t “spray and pray,” said Tricia. Instead, it uses Tea Leaves’ workload and splitter data to maximize touches and grow volume. “A referral-relationship call is only valid if it has three components: the setup and ask, the introduction, and the follow-up,” Tricia said. And all three must be documented in Tea Leaves.

Combining Tea Leaves with THR’s strategic, tactical efforts in the field has helped the organization stay on track with its physician growth and retention goals, and Tricia believes this trend will continue indefinitely. When it comes to what Tricia calls “leakage” (a term she admits her organization doesn’t like to use), Tea Leaves has been instrumental in identifying areas where THR can improve to keep patients after they have entered the system. “In our Emergency Departments, we were bringing people in the front door, but they were leaving out the back door and going elsewhere for their next phase of care,” Tricia said. Tea Leaves has provided resources to offer a three-pronged “keepage” planning and communication solution for THR that involves people, process and technology – in that order – to help attract and retain patients over the

“We’re building all the business plans in Tea Leaves to bring better relationships with physicians, increase referrals throughout our service lines, maximize keepage and make patients more comfortable,” Tricia said. “It’s creating stronger relationships and a better business model on both ends.”

If your organization would like to learn more about how Tea Leaves Health can help you improve the relationships with your physicians, contact us today.