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Ring in the New Year Right

Posted January 2, 2018

Happy New Year everyone – welcome to 2018! We hope you enjoyed the Holiday season with your family and friends. Tea Leaves Health is geared up for another great year, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish as we expand our relationship with Welltok and continue our partnerships with you.

The beginning of the year is the time of strategic planning conversations, and we hope you’re including more marketing campaigns in your vision for 2018. As each year passes, departments are shrinking while workloads grow. We hope you’ll rely on our expertise and capabilities to help you do more with less.

The easiest way to maximize your outreach with minimal effort is through marketing automation campaigns. Automated campaigns are easy to plan and implement, and give you the opportunity to have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.

If you’re looking to implement new campaigns and aren’t sure where to start, now is the best time to execute Weight Management/Bariatric campaigns – when resolutions are in high gear and wellness is top-of-mind. This can also be an excellent starting point to promote non-surgical weight loss strategies, such as fitness centers and nutrition services.

Bariatric procedures, on average, each cost around $20,000. These types of campaigns typically garner strong, positive ROIs because you only need to convert a couple of prospects into patients in order to cover the cost of the campaign.

When planning your trigger campaign, try messaging that educates individuals around what surgical options are available, what qualifies a person for surgery and how to prepare for a weight management procedure.

Many individuals do research online about Bariatric surgery before engaging with a healthcare organization, so include calls-to-action (CTAs) on your print and digital tactics that direct recipients to a landing page on a website. From there, you can provide more information and encourage visitors to contact the call center to schedule appointments, or send them to the patient portal to book appointments directly. Seminars are another popular way to educate your community about Bariatric surgery, so your communications could also promote these seminars, with a CTA to register.

The weight management service line is just a starting point. There’s a wide variety of services that benefit from consistent outreach throughout the year, such as:

  • Screening & Immunization Campaigns – send reminders for any age milestone
  • Mammograms, Prostate, Colonoscopy and Lung Screenings – grow volume over time by reminding your population on their birthday of these important screenings
  • New Movers – build brand recognition and loyalty through a number of “touches”
  • Welcome to Medicare – acquire a new demographic of patients as they enter into the next phase of their life
  • Heart Health – drive volume to specific service lines/geographies/practices
  • Emergency Room Redirect – direct individuals to appropriate points-of-care
  • …And the list goes on!

These types of campaigns can be sent to a maximum number of people per month to control volume. Don’t worry about over communicating to your patients and prospects. All campaigns have built-in suppression levels to ensure communication is spread out evenly and timely among eligible targets. Ultimately, it’s about letting the data work for you to identify the best targets for your services. Automated campaigns can also be customized to include multiple touches for responders and non-responders.

Contact us about getting your automated programs up and running. We can guide you in the most effective ways to engage your market and generate stronger ROI.