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Reverse Email Appends Available in Patientology

Posted August 6, 2018

Marketing to patients and prospects without the necessary information is like trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces. Having comprehensive data is crucial when you need to reach the right people with fewer resources.

If you have a list of email addresses, but need the remaining information on your customer and prospects (such as name, address and phone number), you can fill in the gaps with Patientology’s reverse email append process.

Tea Leaves Health can now provide current name, address and telephone information, along with actionable customer intelligence for your customers and prospects, based on only their email addresses. Using our comprehensive data feeds from public and proprietary sources, we have access to over 300 million opt-in email addresses. We are able to append the most complete and accurate name, address and telephone (landline & mobile) data and can achieve high match rates from your existing email data.

Additional demographic elements (such as home value and income, ZIP+4 and demographic data elements like risk score or direct mail response propensity) may also be appended to your file.

Email addresses submitted through this process will be matched against both your own data (if available) and our third-party vendor.

  • Average vendor data match rate: 35%
  • Typical match rate for vendor data plus client data: 55%
  • Best combined vendor and client data match rate seen to date: 70%

Gaining complete contact information and valuable customer insight from email data is a great way to enhance customer relationships and expand direct marketing opportunities.


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