Real solutions that work for you

All of your data in one place

With our platform’s unique interface, all the business development data you need to make strategic growth decisions is found on your dashboard. Imagine the ability to login and discover how your service lines are performing, which physicians are generating revenue and referrals, monitoring the success of your latest campaigns and seeing that data displayed all in one location. But it doesn’t stop there. Each module grants you the ability to dive into the data and expand the amount of detail needed to truly make the most educated decision you’ve ever been able to make about your strategic growth initiatives.

Easy-to-use interface

Most companies will boast ease of use as a selling point, but the healthcare-specific Tea Leaves interface is different. The Welltok solution is so intuitive that most of our training is spent on learning what the application is capable of rather than how to navigate through it. The engine behind the interface does most of the work for you. With our pre-built Tea Selects we have already generated the algorithms that pull the right data for your growth initiatives, whether they are acquisition, retention or population health.

Unrivaled data rendering speed

What’s worse than waiting for an application to deliver the data you need while you sit and watch the wheels turn? Our proprietary engine processes real-time data faster than any application on the market.

Dedicated account team with no limit on support hours

With more than 100 years of combined experience in healthcare business development and marketing, our client service and strategy teams are the best in the business. And we don’t limit your time with them – there is no cap on hours and no worry that you are going to get an extra bill because you went over some time limit. Welltok knows that when you need help now you want to get help now – not when the next billing cycle comes around.

Mobile version to support you in the field

Our mobile Physicianology™ application gives liaisons the ability to coordinate, schedule, track and monitor physician relationships and activities on the fly. It features doctors’ locations with mapping to help your team navigate on the road, full physician account lookup to review notes before a meeting and make notes after, and reports that review the performance of the physician to help strategically move the physician in the right direction.

Role-based dashboards

Whether you are a CEO, VP, Manager, Director or liaison, after login the application will display the information and reporting that is geared specifically towards providing you the accurate information you need to do your job.


How will Welltok benefit you?

Do you need help transitioning from fee-for-service to fee-for-value? You know that healthcare reform has been coming in one form or another and now it’s here. Your team needs a better way to understand and gain visibility with the consumers and physicians who interact with your organization in order to effectively deliver the right strategies. Relying on outdated information from non-integrated, disparate solutions will prevent you from competing effectively in the new marketplace. With Welltok you can:

  • Help fulfill your mission by improving margins and managing costs
  • Help foster a culture that values constant improvement and measurement
  • Meet the needs of the ACO, population health management and changing reimbursement models while improving outcomes
  • Provide accountability for marketing dollars spent on consumers and outreach activities for physicians
  • See a single source of truth that ties strategic planning, marketing, and physician behavior data to the same platform to help accomplish achievable growth objectives
  • Build, save and share customized dashboards

You need more than just market share. The Enterprise Growth Platform gives you a way to grow the right market share while managing costs as you transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. Welltok allows you to:

  • Provide real accountability for marketing dollars spent by using statistically valid control groups
  • Help improve margins and manage costs
  • Help identify new sources of revenue and cost savings
  • Target consumers by their ability to pay and credit variables, improving margins
  • View financial reports customized for your organization’s specific margin formulas (by payer, service line, etc.)

The last thing you need as a chief technology officer is another software platform that bogs down your system and generates work for an already stressed team.

Physicianology™ and Patientology™ tools require minimal IT resources for start-up and maintenance, and eliminate ad-hoc data requests from marketers and planners that negatively impact your team’s ability to serve the organization in their core efforts.

  • Broad enough to reduce the need for multiple vendors for strategic planning, consumer CRM and physician CRM applications
  • Helps meet meaningful use objectives
  • Service Level Agreement in contract—guarantees uptime, etc.
  • HIPAA compliant—Business Associate Agreement is signed and PHI is protected

Chief medical officers have the unenviable task of balancing optimal healthcare outcomes with patient engagement and physician behaviors. A pair of easy-to-use tools  helps accomplish those objectives and more.

Physicianology™ and Patientology™ provide the behavioral and engagement-driven data that CMOs need to reduce the cost of chronic disease management. Identifying patients who may be at risk for adverse events creates opportunities to improve coordination of care through automated and timely information exchange with patients and their physicians.

  • “Hotspotting” through the GIS interface allows you to visualize data on market areas where intervention is required to improve outcomes and reduce costs
  • Engagement tools help reduce the cost of chronic disease and improve disease management by extending the right communication beyond the office
  • Users can find patients that need intervention and communicate with patients and their physicians through automated, data-driven engagement techniques
  • A single source of truth provides a centralized way to understand physician referral behavior for staff and community physicians
  • Issue tracking features provide a way to understand and manage referring physician issues and resolution

Your campaigns can have thousands of moving parts and make it difficult to stay out in front of important strategies. Welltok can automate many of your communication tasks and allow you to proactively “set and forget” patient and consumer engagement, freeing up your precious resources. Additionally, with Welltok you can:

  • Impact consumer and physician behavior to improve your marketing results and meet performance objectives
  • Track and measure everything and prove results to financial gatekeepers
  • Identify individual patients that need intervention and automate communications with patients and their physicians through data-driven engagement
  • Easily enable multi-channel communications including social, mobile, email, SMS, IVR, PPC and direct mail all from one place. Improve your traditional media buying by having more market information at your fingertips
  • Act on the information by delivering smart communications to consumers and physicians to impact their behavior (right message, right channel, right person, right time)
  • Measure ROI and see impact of outbound communications and customer service assets (web portals, physician liaisons, etc.)

Welltok builds solutions that enable segmented and one-to-one marketing using proprietary predictive models to help you find the best targets and optimize your dollars. Our solutions are easy to use, built for non-techies, and are fully supported by the Welltok Results Team™.

Welltok’s Enterprise Growth Solution advances the art and science of healthcare business growth by integrating broader data sets and functionality into an intuitive, web-based platform that provides a longitudinal record of patient care and interaction with your organization. Data sets can include utilization, strategic planning, consumer analytics, physician analytics, employer, preference, satisfaction, predictive models, quality and more. With ourEnterprise Growth Solution you can:

  • See how marketplace influences are affecting care delivery
  • Tactically implement and measure strategies that will positively impact the behavior of consumers and physicians
  • Support initiatives around patient acquisition and loyalty, population health management, readmission reduction/care transmission, and chronic care/disease management programs
  • Visualize how marketplace influences are affecting care delivery
  • Strategically target profitable patients
  • Strategic planning as part of the physician profile – identify physicians to target for specific initiatives – based on referral patterns, relationship, goals
  • Measure ROI and see impact of outbound communications and customer service assets (web portals, physician liaisons, etc.)
  • Visualize the marketplace drivers that are impacting the business and view time-phase scenarios to understand changes in marketplace dynamics

Market share, segmentation and the other traditional yardsticks were once sufficient for planning. It’s all we had, and we made it work. But it’s like trying to drive a nail with a beach ball.

We all know the game has changed, and the pace seems to accelerate each day. Macro-level market generalities will no longer keep the competition at bay or help you realize those looming growth targets.

With the Enterprise Growth Solution, you can nail your strategic objectives with pinpoint accuracy:

  • Micro-Targeting. Our powerful micro-targeting technology enables you to map service line and sub-service line opportunities at the household – and even individual – level
  • Service Demand. Our propensity models instantly identify your most valuable targets across all market segments – from former patients, to their friends and family, to pure prospects who haven’t used your services
  • Service Line 360™. Our fully-integrated platform lets you triangulate on consumer, physician and contextual data simultaneously, so you can see how all the dots connect. Service Line 360 provides easy-button access to full-spectrum views – instantly see what you can grow, where you can grow, and which providers can help you grow
  • Traditional Macro Data, too. Our data integration capabilities allow you to layer in contextual data – market share, segmentation, demographics – and other competitive/market intelligence sources to empower better strategy development and decision making
  • GIS interface provides easy access to the integrated data sets that allow users to better view, understand, query, interpret, visualize information and gives traditional planning tools new life

Discover how Physicianology™ gives you the ability to synthesize broad data points and behavior patterns to help you identify the right physicians for your growth and ACO initiatives.

  • Provides a central source to understand physician referral behavior for staff and community physicians
  • Integrated contact management tools that support analysis and outreach documentation within the same application—goals, call notes, issue/complaint tracking, etc.
  • Optimized for tablets and mobile devices
  • Includes strategic planning functionality as part of the physician profile to help you identify physicians to target for specific initiatives based on your goals
  • Brings together broader data points for understanding physician behavior including:
    • Comprehensive physician demographics
    • Splitter data
    • Influence network—see the patterns of physician relationships and shared patients to understand influences
  • Ties outcomes to goals for liaison accountability and liaison management
  • Improves the coordination of care through automated and more timely information exchange between practitioners
  • Predicts how actions will affect the provider’s business around quality, perception and profitability