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Reaching Providers with Action Plans

Posted July 21, 2016

Gaining market share requires seizing opportunities as soon as they arise.  Imagine that an excellent Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Smith, is leaving your competitor. All of her current or future patients will be in search of a new surgeon. Physician engagement tools can provide valuable information about Dr. Smith – including her case load, where she performed surgeries, as well as who is referring to her presently. In addition, a physician engagement tool can analyze her payer and procedure mixes.

After thinking through what other competition in the market you have to consider, you can use the information in the tool to develop an Action Plan that will reach Dr. Smith’s prospective patients as well as the providers referring to her.

The Action Plan may include the following steps:

  1. Send a direct mail piece to PCPs within a 15-mile radius of the leaving physician’s office, promoting your joint replacement providers and a service access standard (i.e. appointments within 48 hours). Highlight your organization’s volumes and outcomes on the marketing piece.
  2. Create a target list of the top ten providers who shared patients with Dr. Smith. Have liaisons set up face-to-face visits with those providers and your joint replacement specialist(s). Search for commonalities between these physicians such as age, school attended, EMR usage and hospital staff privileges prior to the visit.
  3. Create a list of moderate referrers and send them a one-page marketing piece about joint replacement at your facility that includes MD bio’s. Also create a leave behind for referral coordinators on how to refer to your organization and include a case study on hip replacement rates for patients with diabetes and hypertension.
  4. Target urgent care and E.D. providers with a 30-minute Lunch-and-Learn session on hip and knee exams and the most current treatments done prior to sending to an Orthopedist. Provide a direct line for referring provider questions.
  5. Communicate to all involved departments and services that will be affected by a rise in volume such as Radiology, etc.
  6. Promote increased access to outpatient appointments, especially for new patients not using your facility or services.
  7. Send a direct mail piece to adults with a high propensity to need a joint replacement in the five zip codes surrounding your location. This should go out as soon as the specialist leaves the market.

Having an Action Plan in place can help your organization take advantage of the moment when a competitor’s sub specialist is leaving the market. Leveraging the insights within a physician engagement tool, such as Physicianology, ultimately gives your organization the power to provide patients with strong access, improve customer service and deliver an overall positive patient experience.

With assistance from the Tea Leaves Physicianology solution, your organization can capitalize on the situation and devise a plan to capture the market share when a competing doctor leaves. If you want to learn more about Action Plans, attend our Webinar, “Creating Action Plans that Work” taking place on Monday, July 25 at Noon EST as part of the AAPL 2016 Webinar Series.

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