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Proving Marketing Attribution

Posted March 6, 2017

When we present campaign results to clients, the question we’re asked most frequently is, “How do I prove this success can actually be attributed to my marketing efforts? How do I show stakeholders that the respondents I’m seeing didn’t “just come in anyway” – they came in as a direct result of my campaigns?”

The honest answer is…there is no answer! It’s simply impossible to track. How does a coffee shop know their emails brought people in, and not just the cozy-looking fireplace right inside the window? How can a jewelry store prove some people came in to buy a diamond because of a billboard they saw, and others visited as a result of glowing recommendations from friends? Unless marketers ask individuals directly, “What brought you in?” and make note of it, it’s truly difficult to know.

However, a CRM solution like Patientology™ can get you as close to that answer as possible. The platform allows you to see a full picture of your target audience, so you can be very specific with your goals. It lets you use predictive models to reach those most at risk, and communicate with them before they may even have thought to come in. And finally, it closes the loop through granular reporting methods like Success Criteria. The reality is, your targeted marketing efforts via Tea Leaves Health make your other efforts like outdoor, radio and TV even more effective because you’re exposing people to the message before they may be open to thinking about it as they drive down the highway.


Each campaign or scenario has its own special nuances, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Client Service experts whenever you have questions about proving success or any other measurement needs. We are always available to offer support and guidance. To learn more about how you can prove marketing attribution, download a copy of our white paper here.

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