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Promoting Proactive Care through Screenings & Immunizations

Posted January 31, 2017

Preventative care and proactive population health management are definitely at the forefront of many of our strategy discussions recently. Screening & Immunization (S&I) campaigns allow you to communicate age- and gender-based prevention messages to the individuals you serve to build lifelong engagement for better health awareness and outcomes. There are many ways we can customize the program to meet your needs, including age-driven reminders and messaging. For example, S&I campaigns can run birth through Medicare age.

We can create a monthly trigger campaign that will be set to deliver personalized timely messages to these individuals based on recipients’ birth dates. Typical calls-to-action (CTAs) include scheduling an appointment with a PCP for preventative care such as physicals and immunizations. Further, your copy can be used to educate people on exactly what type of care they need at their current life stage.

Tea Leaves Health makes these campaigns manageable and easy-to-implement. We recommend keeping the messaging simple and applicable across the organization. Once the parameters have been defined, the program will run automatically – no need to worry about swapping physician photos or updating copy. Additionally, this type of campaign can be used to acquire new patients for a new location/provider or create goodwill among existing patients by keeping the marketing relevant.

Proactively managing health includes encouraging audiences to meet with their doctor at the beginning of the year to make a wellness plan. Remember you can also reach audiences digitally through banner ads and emails. Implement digital campaigns to remind them to schedule screenings, get bloodwork done and get immunizations updated at the beginning of the year, so any risks can be caught early and be managed as the year goes on. Contact us to discuss the digital marketing opportunities available, or let us know if you’re interested in starting a Screening & Immunization campaign today.