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Promoting New Providers Webinar

Posted September 5, 2017

Offering new or expanded specialty care provides inferred value of other services available, and improves your organization’s overall brand and reputation in the market.

So when a new specialist begins practicing with your system, your outreach goals should be two-fold: first, notify consumers (including prospects) in your market who are at risk for needing the services offered by the provider. Second, make your referring providers aware of the new specialist so they can drive referral traffic in to his or her practice.

Do you have new providers but have questions about where to begin? Or does the plan you’ve been using to promote new providers need a refresh?

Attend our free webinar on Tuesday, September 19 at Noon CST to learn:

  • Strategies that drive messages to both at-risk prospects/patients and primary care providers, to make them aware of services rendered.
  •  How to craft messages that resonate with recipients.
  • Methods to get consumers to take the initiative to either request appointments and/or referrals.
  • Ways to get providers to speak intelligently to existing patients about newly offered/expanded services.

Hosted by:
Ashley Dobbs, Lead Client Strategist, Patientology™
Ty Tillery, MBA, Lead Client Strategist, Physicianology™

Start promoting these new physicians and their services with a strategy that drives messages to both at-risk prospects and patients as well as primary care providers. Brush up on proactively reaching multiple audiences with the right messaging to build your new practices.

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