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PRM Corner: AAPL 2016 Conference

Posted June 30, 2016

The Annual American Association of Physician Liaisons (AAPL) Conference took place June 22-24 in Anaheim, California. The following are key takeaways from this year’s liaison conference:

  1. Data continues to be the focus for many liaison teams. With so much data available today, it’s so important to work with a vendor who not only understands the data, but can integrate, implement and ultimately turn it into actionable information.
  2. Some PRM clients have found that creating a position to address data analytics is key. This helps the liaisons focus on physician meetings – versus having to learn data and run reports. This position is typically housed within Business Development, but can reside in Strategy as well. This role is typically analytical in nature and supports the liaison team strategically.
  3. Pediatric claims data has been a challenge for many health systems with Children’s Hospitals. Tea Leaves Health is working with our data vendor, Health Market Science to define pediatric specific service lines to be included in our claims data reports.
  4. Claims data is often used to help identify “leakage” or referrals outside of the system. This continues to be a hot topic for liaison, strategy and executive teams. It is important to have claims data that is bi-directional – meaning you can see not only which PCPs refer to which specialists, but then in turn, which sub specialists do the specialists refer to. This is often a spot for potential leakage. For example, you may have a PCP who is very loyal to an owned cardiology practice, but one of those cardiologists could be referring to a surgeon who is not employed or on staff, and the potential “good volume” goes to a competitor.

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