Making informed decisions requires data. But what if you don’t have enough data? Or the right kind of data? Or big data that you can’t understand or use?

Physicianology™  is the only physician tool that integrates comprehensive physician market and utilization data, contact management, and communication tools into one strategic growth platform … making you the game changer.

The effort needed to maximize the profitability of your existing market share pales in comparison to the resources needed to expand it.

Physicianology™ helps you identify, track, and communicate with physicians and other providers who are critical to your growth and business development. Analyze and monitor physicians by:

  • Service line
  • Geography
  • Group practice
  • Affiliation

Measure the results of your physician outreach and marketing efforts to focus your resources where they generate the greatest ROI.

Physicianology™ stands alone in its ability to integrate claims data, electronic medical record (EMR) encounter data, and physician liaison data, delivering the valuable information you need to make informed decisions and move your organization forward.

Are your physicians working for you?

Strategic Physician Targeting: Business Intelligence for the Healthcare World

Physicianology™ provides the information you need to develop effective physician strategies.

Influence networking data analyzes shared medical claims per episode of care to identify physician referral patterns, giving physician liaisons the business intelligence they need to target weaker engagements and generate stronger physician referrals.

Physicianology’s™ competition analysis tool allows you to view providers who have privileges at more than one facility. If a physician is not doing business with you, this tool reveals where he or she is providing services.

Relationship Management

Decision makers need every weapon at their disposal to position their organization for success. Physicianology™ is a scalable product designed to keep you at the forefront of change by enabling you to track and communicate with providers who are critical to your organization’s development. Our platform allows for engagement planning by:

  • Tracking and trending visits and issues
  • Developing onboarding plans
  • Preparing for physician transitions
  • Utilizing built-in market intelligence to create sales plans
  • Analyzing and monitoring physicians identified for growth strategies

Once you have a strategic list of physicians in place, use Physicianology’s™ action plan feature to map out the necessary steps for productive physician outreach and bring each relationship to the targeted level.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Physicianologist?