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Physician Liaison Team Reverses Cardiothoracic Leakage

Posted February 5, 2018

A hospital system was experiencing leakage out of their Cardiology program; particularly in the area of Cardiothoracic. One of their competitors was aggressively targeting their heart surgery patients and in the last quarter did six surgeries from their primary zip code. The quarter before that, they hadn’t done any surgeries. The hospital’s physician liaison team needed to find out which surgeon(s) were doing open heart surgeries at the competitor and who was referring to them. They needed to know where the referral leakage was coming from in order to slow the rapid pace of workload going to the competitor.

The hospital team turned to the experts at Tea Leaves Health and the Physicianology™ application to mine this information. Using the Splitter Details Report in the application, the teams identified five thoracic surgeons with cardiovascular workload at the competitor.

  1. N: 100% of his workload
  2. S: 22% of his workload
  3. A: Less than 10 patients
  4. J: Less than 10 patients
  5. B: Less than 10 patients

The Physicianology team quickly added these physicians to a list, so they could monitor their progress with the accompanying dashboards in the application.

In the meantime, the hospital’s liaison team created Action Plans to work with these five physicians to keep the surgeries within their system.

After six months, the Physicianology team analyzed the progress, and saw that Drs. N and S were two of the hospital’s top gaining physicians, meaning they were beginning to keep more workload within the hospital. At the time this report was pulled, Dr. N had performed 10 surgeries in the system; four over the previous month, and Dr. S had completed eight surgeries; one over the previous month.