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Online Form Data is Marketing Gold

Posted August 22, 2017

Is your organization directing folks to a form on your website to register for a promotion, fill out a risk assessment, or sign up for an e-newsletter? Perhaps consumers have to fill out a form in order to access an online bariatric video seminar?

As healthcare marketers, you spend your days digging into data, analyzing audiences, seeking just the right segments that will interact with your brand and ultimately utilize your services. So when a consumer comes to your website and voluntarily offers up information, the result can be marketing gold. The information provided by individuals who respond to those asks can be extremely valuable to future communications.

So what’s the next step once that information’s been collected? What do you do with that data? Are you continuing the conversation with those individuals reaching out to you?

At a minimum, hopefully you’re responding to those individuals and/or retargeting them for future campaigns. And if you are following up with web form contacts, are you finding it’s a manual, time-consuming process? It doesn’t have to be.

The Tea Leaves Health platform can help make that process seamless. We can help you set up an automated monthly trigger communication to reach out to those precious individuals. Web form data can easily be fed into Tea Leaves on a monthly basis and can be used for targeting, retargeting or measurement.

Talk with us today about all the possibilities that can be unearthed from mining web form data, and we can set you up on the path toward reaching a plethora of marketing gold.