What strategy are you looking for?

Do you only want a different version of what you have, a simple improvement on the status quo to gain market share or keep up with the competition? Or, are you looking to the horizon and beyond, searching for what’s next? What will transform your entire organization? Are you willing to take a real step – a quantum leap – into the future of strategic growth?

Are you ready to move forward?

Tea Leaves Health thrives on exploring new paths to take you beyond the status quo and traditional incremental, market-based solutions. Lots of companies provide CRM/PRM systems and platforms. But their models and platforms will not survive in today’s – or tomorrow’s – evolving marketplace.

We’ve spent our time and money developing solutions that surpass competing products in scope, in depth and in impact. Our goal is not to change the industry, but to empower you with a customized strategic solution to help you blow away conventional industry changes and paradigms. And, we have the results, people, experience and platform to deliver on this goal.

It’s about total information awareness

Traditional strategic growth platforms concentrate on transactional data. Today, that doesn’t cut it. You need intelligence from multiple sources and levels, including transactional, quantitative and qualitative information.

  • We integrate and layer information from multiple sources with user-driven, real-time visualization to bring clarity to complex data.
  • More data – from more data sources – means better intelligence, allowing you to chart your own course for engaging patients, physicians or strategic partners to maximize profitability, efficiency and outcomes.
  • Tea Leaves Health employs proven strategies, built on more than 100 optimized queries and industry-proven programs, using multiple clinical touch points and national standards and guidelines; all fully editable and customizable to your specific needs.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as
improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

~ Benjamin Franklin

It’s about seeing data clearly

Tea Leaves Health provides you the power of understanding through visualization by allowing you to see data from multiple sources in real time, on one platform. That’s critical because it provides you with more than data. It gives you the power of clarity – laser-focused intelligence you need that can be used immediately across all departments. And the best part is you don’t have to take what the system gives you – you decide what exact information you want to map and manipulate. And you don’t need to be the expert. The Tea Leaves platform was designed for non-technical users.

  • We process billions of records each month with hundreds of models built on real-time decisioning.
  • More than a marketing tool, our strategic growth platform uses business intelligence, consumer, physician and marketplace dynamics, social media, eStrategy, clinical measures and much more to bring you the best solution you’ll find anywhere.