Is Your Organization Focused On:

Top-Line Growth

Personalizing Two-Way
Patient Communications

Marketing Spend

Developing Long-Term
Relationships and Trust

In-Network Referrals

Managing the
Patient Journey

If so, learn what Our Enterprise Growth Solution can do for you.

Tea Leaves Health’s Enterprise Growth Solution addresses health system challenges with a unique combination of both provider and consumer-facing tools that enable hospitals, health systems, and physician practices to design, execute and measure the results of data-driven patient acquisition and retention strategies. Powered by robust data and predictive analytics, our solution enables precise targeting, multi-channel communications, and the ability to provide interactive, personalized, and ongoing communications after patients leave your facilities, all while ensuring that referrals remain within your network. Whether the goal is patient acquisition, long-term retention, managing an at-risk population, or all the above, our unique, broad set of capabilities helps position health systems regardless of where they are on the journey from traditional fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.

Enable a precise, targeted, and personalized experience throughout the patient journey

Tea Leaves Health is transforming patient acquisition and retention strategies to enable a more:

Personalized, targeted, multi-channel communication strategy that is cost effective and impactful

Interactive, two-way engagement strategy to better understand consumer needs, establish trust and loyalty

Curated, data-driven recommendations of relevant programs and educational resources for patients through a digital experience that supports patients beyond the clinical setting to drive downstream encounters

Comprehensive, multi-pronged strategy that includes engaging providers to maximize referrals and minimize leakage

More than ever, the consumer is at the center of all health system growth strategies, and the ability to acquire, activate and retain patients will be critical to any health system’s long-term success.