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No Tricks, Just ICD-10 Treats

Posted October 24, 2016

With so many ICD-10 diagnosis codes, it’s impossible for a marketer to sift through them all. But with Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching, we couldn’t help but highlight some of the most outrageous codes we’ve come across.

This Halloween, beware of vampires. They could give you an injury of unspecified blood vessel at neck level. But if happens, never fear, there’s an ICD-10 diagnosis code for that: S15.9.

Unrecognizable in that costume? Obviously there’s a code for bizarre personal appearance: R46.1.

Look out! If you do so happen to walk into a lamppost – twice – because your mask obscures your vision, there’s code W22.02XD.

If Thanksgiving comes around and you’re Struck by a Turkey/Pecked by a Turkey/or have “Other” Contact with a Turkey…(?) There are codes for that too: W61.42/W71.43/W61.49.

And if you burn yourself baking those sweet potatoes, no worries. Code Y93.G3: Activity, Cooking and Baking has got you covered.


All jokes aside, if you are looking to reach your audience with more granular targeting options, contact us today.