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Posted February 25, 2019

St. Bernards Healthcare, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, needed to convert new movers in their area into patients. They chose to execute a campaign that welcomed the new movers into their community and promoted three different services: Urgent Care, Primary Care and their Health and Wellness Center.

To implement the campaign, the team at St. Bernards consulted their partners at Tea Leaves Health about an acquisition strategy. The Tea Leaves experts shared best practices and recommended a three-drop campaign.

The first drop (sent to new movers right after their move) promoted St. Bernards’ Urgent Care services. The second drop (sent out one month after the movers received the first piece) promoted St. Bernards’ Primary Care services. The third piece (sent two months after receiving the first) promoted their Health & Wellness Center.

St. Bernards used strong branding to connect the pieces together. They used direct mail to target their new movers and their calls-to-action encouraged their audiences to: visit one of their Urgent Care centers, call the call center to schedule an appointment, visit them on the web to find a doctor and bring in their postcard to their Health & Wellness Center to get their first month free. The campaign started in August of 2017 and it is still running today.

For this campaign, encounters are being measured at the address level for Any Service Line. Because St. Bernards’ goal was to convert new movers into patients, they counted any conversion to a patient as a success. They used “Any Service Line” as their Success Criteria, and also used Primary Care Physician (PCP) NPI numbers as a secondary Success Criteria using Tea Leaves Health’s multiple Success Criteria function. This showed St. Bernards how many people made an appointment with one of their PCPs. They tagged all of their New Movers Campaigns together using the Tag Campaign capability.


  • Pure Prospect Conversion Rate: 53.02%
  • Number of new patients converted: 2,653
  • Average Charges: $6,113.52
  • Total Charges: $16,213,051.00
  • Total Charges from New Patients: $16,213,051.00
  • New Patient Revenue: $276,320.81
  • New Patients Acquired: 2,644
  • ROI: $280.51 to $1

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