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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Posted April 2, 2018

As summer gets closer, many people get reenergized to get in shape or join a sport! May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and our platform offers many opportunities to reach individuals in your service areas who are involved in sports or are keeping fitness top-of-mind.

We make engaging these individuals simple through our Primary Care – Sports Physicals Tea Select. All you need to do is select your geography, and the Tea Select will find the individuals who may be in need of a sports physical. It applies all relevant medical codes to target those most in need of a sports physical. Our Tea Selects can always be customized to your needs and budget and are the best way to reach the most-qualified prospects and patients.

If someone is in need of a physical and doesn’t have a PCP, this can be a great way to encourage non-patients to explore your services or visit your system. We offer several Primary Care Tea Selects to help drive people into your primary care services, in the event you want to improve the health and fitness of your population and need to raise volumes for those services.

Promoting your sports physicals or primary care services or via our platform is a simple, cost-effective way to reach both current patients and non-patients in your market who may need these services or a PCP. Direct mail and email campaigns offer you the ability to connect with individuals who simply may need a sports physical, or who have lapsed in care for quite some time.

When executing your campaigns, ensure your calls-to-action are easy to understand and follow. If the goal is to drive individuals to sports physicals or primary care, include a call-to-action on your piece that directs recipients to a website or call center to make appointments. Consider utilizing click-to-call numbers for email creative as well as your online appointment scheduler. Also, be sure to capture demographic information via web forms and screening attendance lists as ways to continue the conversation with consumers in your service areas.

Contact us today for information on how to engage your target audience and increase your ROI for sports physicals and primary care.