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National Immunization Awareness Month

Posted June 4, 2018

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, so now’s the time to kick off a Screening and Immunization (S&I) program. The topics of preventative care and proactive population health management come up frequently in our client discussions, and we know how important it is to share this information with your community.

S&I campaigns allow you to communicate age- and gender-based prevention messages to the individuals you serve and build lifelong engagement for better health awareness and outcomes. Screenings and immunizations are great entry points into your system. Additionally, this type of campaign can be used to acquire new patients for a new location/provider or create goodwill among existing patients.

Setting up an S&I program may seem like a tremendous task, but it shouldn’t be. With Tea Leaves’ Pediatrics – Screening & Immunization Tea Select, you can easily identify families with children who are reaching milestones for which certain screenings or immunizations are recommended. There are many ways we can customize the program to meet your needs, including age-driven reminders and messaging. By setting the program up one time, you will be able to communicate to families with newborns, children nearing three, six and 12 months, and then every year around the child’s birthday after that. You can rest assured that life-saving screening and immunization information will reach families when the time is right.

The message you communicate can vary depending on the milestone and screening or immunizations that are recommended. Each year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) releases recommended immunization schedules for children, starting from birth and ending at age 18. You can easily pull information from this resource to help develop your messaging. We recommend keeping the messaging simple with a clear call-to-action.

Typical calls-to-action include scheduling an appointment with a PCP for preventative care such as physicals and immunizations. Further, your copy can be used to educate people on exactly what type of care they need at their current life stage.

We’ve worked with many clients to make these campaigns manageable and easy-to-implement. Talk with our team about automating this program into a trigger. We can create a monthly trigger that will be set to deliver personalized timely messages to these individuals based on the recipients’ birth dates. Once the parameters have been defined, the program will run automatically – no need to worry about swapping physician photos or updating copy.

Consider a monthly, automated program that delivers personalized timely messages to those in your service area. Contact us today to discuss an S&I strategy that will highlight your services and help your organization meet its goals.