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Multi-drop New Mover Campaign Converts Prospects to Patients

Posted January 8, 2018

Holzer Health System wanted to introduce their services to individuals who had recently moved into their community. The organization decided to execute a three-drop new mover campaign with the ultimate goal of converting these prospects into new patients.

To create an ideal campaign for conversion, the professionals at Holzer sought out the expertise of their Tea Leaves Health strategy team. The team suggested that Holzer should target new movers with a direct mail campaign that would reach and engage recipients over the course of three mailings.

The first direct mail piece reached its audience within 30 days of their move, welcomed the new neighbors into the community and introduced them to the services of Holzer Health System. The messaging informed them of Holzer facility locations, and the CTA encouraged them to go online to learn more about Holzer and follow them on social media.

The second drop entered homes 31-60 days post-move. It reminded recipients that Holzer Health is there to keep them healthy, and the call-to-action requested calling the call center to find a PCP or to sign up for classes or events.

Finally, the third touch point was scheduled to hit homes 61-90 days post-move. By this point, the new neighbors had likely settled into their routine. Therefore, the messaging revolved around securing a PCP. This time, the CTA drove them to a landing page to register with the health system and fill out an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

The campaign began in November of 2016 and is still running as an automated campaign. As of today, the campaign has reached well over 5,500 pure prospects and has proven successful based on conversion results. For this case, we measured encounters at the address level, with the following outcomes:


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Overall (control-adjusted)
Response Rate:


Average Charges:


Total Charges:


New Patients Acquired:



$48.17 to $1