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Maximizing Your Marketing Budget

Posted November 6, 2017

At Tea Leaves Health, our team strives to be an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. We do everything in our power to ensure our clients get the highest possible return on their marketing investment. However, in order to help our clients meet and exceed their goals, it’s helpful for us to know the overall marketing budget they’re working with, so it can be used as wisely as possible. We’ve realized that the clients who provide their marketing budgets to us tend to get the highest ROI.

Below are three main reasons why we recommend you share
your overall CRM budget with your vendor:


  1. Planning Strategically

If we know exactly what service lines a client is focusing on over the next six months or fiscal year, we can run queries within Patientology™ to find out exactly how many individuals they can reach. This, coupled with the overall budget, helps us narrow down the audience to the very best consumers for each particular service being marketed.

Narrowing down the audience to the very best targets allows us to use marketing dollars to talk to the most valuable patients and prospects. We can use our platform to determine the best service lines to apply resources to, and the best geographical regions to target. We dig into the data on what people are most at-risk for within specified service areas, and what conditions people are self-reporting.

Additionally, we can provide strategy plans with a mix of media options to make sure audiences are being targeted via multiple channels. Not only can we help a client plan their CRM budget, we can also help budget and target for other mediums at no additional cost. For example, we can tell clients exactly what zip codes to focus their digital spend on to get the best returns.


  1. Reaching Your Goals

For example, if the goal is to acquire new cardiology patients, our platform can show who, within a defined geography, is most at-risk for cardiology services. We do this via our propensity models, which are applied to all records in the database.

In addition, we can look at patients who have not visited a facility for cardiology-related services, that are self-reporting cardiology-related illnesses and conditions, to cross-sell those valuable patients into the cardiology service line. We can also help find the best payers in the market to make sure we’re using the marketing budget in the smartest possible way.

Then, with the best practices we’ve gathered, we can tell clients how many individuals to target to reach any type of goal they may have. Whether it be increasing respondents to a seminar, bringing in new patients or driving Contribution Margin, we can help marry budgets and goals for campaign success!


  1. Using Marketing Dollars More Wisely

Our sweet spot is targeting. We communicate with the right people instead of spraying a market and praying for the right folks to come in. For instance, we can exclude patients that are already using particular services. Continuing the cardiology example, if someone had open heart surgery within the last three months, we won’t reach out to them to acquire them as a new patient, because we know they are already using the organization’s services. Our approach is very targeted and we’re cognizant when spending marketing dollars, so we’re sure to exclude the individuals we shouldn’t be talking to.


We understand that every cent of a marketing budget is precious. We want to be your partner in helping you utilize it to its full potential, while attracting valuable new patients and increasing your ROI. Talk with us today about the best ways to maximize your marketing budget.