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Maximizing Health in the New Year

Posted January 17, 2017

We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. Most of us didn’t make weight loss resolutions on New Years Eve and then suddenly woke up on New Years Day magically transformed. (If you did, please share your secret). But when it comes to healthcare marketing, you can encourage your audiences to make small changes that contribute to their better overall wellbeing in a big way. Complement your existing weight management campaign strategies with digital email and banner ad campaigns that promote everyday wellness and daily health management tools; such as:

  • shutterstock_461066953_webHealthy recipes
  • Tips to avoid eating out
  • Reinventing snacking
  • Replacing soda with water
  • Eating more veggies
  • Portion control
  • Creating a healthier default of least healthy habits

Weight loss is one of the most searched topics on the Internet, so start a digital campaign that promotes new ways to maximize health in the new year. Consider running a monthly trigger campaign so you are nurturing patients all year long to help keep them on track with their weight management goals. Our digital media experts are currently working with hospitals and health systems across the country on enhancing their digital wellness strategy. Ask us how to start a digital weight management/Bariatric campaign today.