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Influence Network Reports

Posted February 27, 2017

Physician liaisons and referral specialists are always seeking to understand relationships between physicians; for example, which PCPs refer to which specialists, so they can influence those referral patterns. The Physicianology™ application allows them to glean this information through Influence Network Reports; a key resource within the solution.

Influence Network reports help:

  • Individual physicians understand which PCPs refer to a specialist
  • Practices understand the relationships of other practices
  • Build lists (i.e. Which specialists currently unengaged providers in County A refer to)
  • ACO/PHO/CIN members understand if they are referring out of network

Filtering the Influence Network Reports is very easy in the application, and can be done by using the gear found on all reports in Physicianology:

Once opened, the gear allows you to change the settings of the report to filter by specialty, affiliation, employee, service line, etc. You can also add additional columns to the report. Simply add your choices and click the X in the upper right corner to close the window. The report will refresh with your changes:

If you’d like to get access to a solution that can provide insight into your referral patterns, contact us today.