In their words

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our clients are saying.

“CentraCare implemented both Patientology and Physicianology as a solution to help meet our growing outpatient needs and gain better insight into our provider markets. We decided on this as a solution based on the comprehensiveness of the outpatient claims data available and the ability to truly personalize the product to our needs. Many other vendors had similar offerings but did not offer the customization or transparency into the claims data being provided. This was important to us as many of the business decisions we make are based in part off of this data.”

~ Melinda Bemis, CentraCare Health


“Marketing leadership across [our organization] collectively determined that having a solution for direct marketing segmentation and reporting capabilities made sense for our organization. We began with seven of [our] markets adopting Patientology. Today, [we have] 13 markets leveraging Tea Leaves Health for both direct mail and email marketing campaigns.
~Brand Strategy Manager, Midwest Health System

“Having the ability to see both patient conversion and financial impact of our marketing strategies and share those internally has helped elevate our team as strategic partners across the Ministry. We have a much clearer line of sight into which tactics resonate as well as those well as that do not. We use Patientology to really understand our patients and prospective patients’ personas. Our insight into consumer preferences and activities has allowed us to allocate resources much more effectively than before.”
~ Andrea Bonk, OSF HealthCare

“We began using [Patientology] because it has the right mix of storing our vast number of system datasets and applicable marketing communication tools and reporting. Our marketing team can simply concentrate on developing customized communications, not technically having to know every detail of the CRM database. With Patientology, we can see the consumer migration from prospect to loyal user and automate communications to keep in touch with them.”
~ Marketing Director, Midwestern Hospital

“Patientology has allowed us to consistently maintain monthly direct mail drops for different service lines. It’s wonderful because we can specifically target the audiences we want to reach with the help of our Patientology team. They’re incredible.”
~ Sarah Kehr Lieberum from Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.


“I wish all the representatives of the companies with whom we work could be as supportive as our Physicianology team!”
~ Strategy Director, Southeastern Health System

“We need to be focused and purposeful in the work that we do. We needed a solution that integrated patient and provider solutions in one package. [Physicianology] helps us stay on target and track the work that we do so we can report our impact back to leadership.”
~ Lyn Reed, Community Health Network

“I attended a physician liaison conference a couple of years ago, and quickly realized that we were lacking the data needed to be competitive in our market, which is saturated with healthcare providers. After a very thorough review of all of the products available that would provide us access to the data we needed, we decided the Physicianology solution was the best fit for our organization. We currently have over 130 users throughout our organization that utilize the system.”
~ Dawn Quaranta, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

“With our targeted growth opportunities, Physicianology has provided us with the tools to better prioritize and understand the shared patients we all serve.”
~ Melinda Bemis, CentraCare Health