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Health Attitudes and the Holidays

Posted December 19, 2016

The Holidays are often an overlooked time in healthcare marketing. Everyone is busy, so you may not think that healthcare is top-of-mind for most folks. However, no one wants to be sick during the Holidays. This can be a great time to connect with patients and prospects using a wellness message centered around staying healthy during the hectic Holiday season. Here are a few content/messaging ideas for your digital campaigns that may resonate with audiences in the month of December:

  • Healthy Holiday Recipes
  • Tips for Limiting Holiday Calories
  • Holiday Habits That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar
  • Healthy Holiday Treats for the Entire Family
  • How to Stay Active and Connected with Friends During the Cold Winter Months
  • Holiday Heart Guide
  • Holiday Stress Busters
  • Depression Signs and How to Get Help

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