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Funny ICD-10 Codes for the Fourth

Posted July 3, 2018

As you prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence tomorrow, remember to proceed with caution! According to AdvancedMD, “the week of Independence Day has one of the highest injury rates of any holiday, even more than New Year’s Eve, with over 41,200 injuries reported annually.”

Therefore, while you grill the brats, bake in the sun and bask in the sparklers’ glow, watch out for these maladies that require your doctors to enter the following ICD-10 codes:

Backyard BBQs

There’s nothing Americans love more than a backyard bar-b-q for July 4th. If you happen to be the one manning the grill, stove or smoker and you’re assaulted by the smoke, fire and flames, there’s a code for that: X97.XXXA. There’s also Y93.G2: activity, grilling and smoking food. And if it isn’t the grill that burns you, it’ll be the sun. Make sure to lather up with sunscreen, or you’ll be admitted with the following code: L55.0 – sunburn of first degree.

Outdoor Games

During summer’s dog days, we all want to hit the yard, beach, pool or lake to cool down or blow off steam. Whether you’re playing in the grass or water, look out for the following (common?) mishaps and their associated codes:

W53.21XA – bitten by squirrel

W21.06XA – struck by volleyball, initial encounter

V91.07XA – burn due to water skis on fire

W56.51XA – bitten by “other” fish.


No Fourth of July celebration is complete without fireworks. But out of all the Independence Day festivities, fireworks are the most dangerous by far. Be sure to protect your feet and hands so when the fun is done, you still have all your digits. However, if anything goes wrong and you acquire the absence of left finger(s), there’s a code for that: Z89.022. Or, if you fry your foot instead, there’s always T25.32: burn of third degree of foot. And if those sparklers discharge incorrectly not once, twice, but three times, never fear – you’re covered with:

W39.XXXA – discharge of firework, initial encounter

W39.XXXD – discharge of firework, subsequent encounter

W39.XXXS – discharge of firework, sequela encounter.

Make the most of your time honoring the birth of our nation, but please do it wisely and safely!