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Fall = Flu

Posted October 11, 2016

You’re already starting to see them – flu shot reminders. It’s that time again to encourage individuals to protect themselves against influenza by getting a flu vaccine.

flushots marketingUnsure of what tactics to use? Digital communications like emails and banner ads are great ways to reach folks during cold and flu season. Digital campaigns are flexible – you can turn them on when flu impact is high in your region, and dial them back when it is not. Email is a great way to remind people to come in for their flu shot, screenings, and check-ups – especially caregivers for the elderly.

Flu shots are already available, so now’s the time to begin executing campaigns. Influenza vaccination campaigns offer an opportunity to communicate with both prospects and patients of all ages, since the CDC states that everyone six months of age and older should get a seasonal flu vaccine. This can be an excellent entry point into your system for prospects. Tea Leaves Health has two Immunization Tea Selects – Flu Vaccine Adult and Flu Vaccine Minor. The Flu Vaccine Adult Tea Select identifies profitable men and women ages 18-85 who would benefit from the flu vaccine. The Flu Vaccine Minor Tea Select is geared toward families with minor children. This query identifies parents who have not had a flu vaccine in the past 11 months, operating under the assumption that the child is vaccinated around the same time as the parent.

Don’t let the flu get you – or your patients – this season!

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