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Expanded In-Network Access Gets Results

Posted October 3, 2016

Has your system recently become in-network for a new service line or procedure? Target the patients and prospects who need those procedures by insurance plan name using a growth platform strategy to garner outstanding returns. Below is just one example of the success many organizations have experienced by executing campaigns around expanded in-network access.

When a Missouri-based healthcare organization formed a new network relationship with United Healthcare (UHC), the organization wanted to share news of the partnership with any past patients who carried UHC. The medical center executed a direct mail campaign with the intent of inviting any UHC insureds with a previous encounter to return and enjoy lower-cost, in-network access to the hospital’s services and Medical Partner practices.

The team partnered up with Tea Leaves Health to define the proper targets. The goal was to target everyone in their Primary and Secondary service areas with UHC insurance who had visited them in the past for any reason.

The Marketing team used to unique strategy to quickly and easily reach over 3,000 people in their service areas who met the specified criteria. The campaign made use of first name personalization, targeted at the head of the household, which results in a lift in ROI from 4-10%.

The Results: 

Overall control-adjusted response rate

in average charges


Control-adjusted total charges
from new patients

$2,106.50 to $1

Return on Marketing Investment

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