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Posted May 21, 2018

A large Midwestern healthcare network was updating their marketing plan, exploring ways to maximize their direct mail and email outreach. They successfully built an organic email marketing list that was mainly comprised of patients – but they had exhausted those contacts. They set a goal to implement marketing options that allowed them to further expand their customer base for outreach, drive new business from non-patients and maximize their marketing budget with an approach that leveraged both email and direct mail.

The healthcare network decided to increase their potential patient base and reach more prospects by purchasing email appends to supplement their existing list. To purchase this list of email addresses, they turned to their partners at Tea Leaves Health. Tea Leaves’ process of sending emails goes beyond sending to addresses on a list, and the organization wanted to utilize their unique capabilities.

To ensure the email addresses were for profit-driving consumers, only emails with a positive payer score were purchased. Once the email addresses were purchased, they were matched to individuals in the Tea Leaves Health database and then appended with hundreds of variables to give the health system’s team a total understanding of their consumers’ needs, preferences and behaviors. This included demographics, health conditions, lifestyle interests, over the counter and prescription drug usage, and more.

Then, proprietary predictive scoring models were applied to the email addresses to identify the consumers most likely to need the promoted services. The organization began sending more targeted email campaigns to all person types on the newly-purchased email append list, including not just patients but also friends & family and non-patients (prospects) toward the end of January, 2017. They continued to use the email list throughout 2017.

After using the email list for over a year, the healthcare network evaluated the success of the purchased appends. They needed to justify the cost of the supplemental email list by demonstrating its effectiveness in achieving their goals. They evaluated who opened the email campaigns they sent out; specifically focusing on how many of those opened were actually appended email addresses.

They discovered more than 28% of their total opens were coming from the purchased email appends. Below is a breakdown of who opened the email appends, by person type:

2017 Person Type Breakdown of Open Email Appends

  • Patients – 41%
  • Friends & Family – 25%
  • Pure Prospects – 34%

The addition of the email appends allowed the organization to quickly expand their customer base. The open rates for patients, are well over double the industry standard for email open rates (19.66%, according to Constant Contact). More importantly, the organization was able to communicate with prospective patients via email, which they weren’t previously able to do until they purchased the email appends from Tea Leaves Health. The high open rate for friends & family and pure prospects proved email is a formidable channel for driving new business among non-patients. Through the purchase of email appends, the healthcare system was able to successfully maximize their outreach efforts.

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