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Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Posted June 5, 2017

At Tea Leaves Health, we specialize in identifying and engaging the right prospects via the healthcare marketing channels that get results. And believe it or not, in the vast realm of seemingly limitless traditional and emerging digital mediums, direct mail is still king. This classic tactic remains the most targeted form of communication and stands out as the most effective marketing channel – ultimately getting the best results. So why use direct mail with so many digital options available?

Below are ten reasons we’ve devised to prove why direct mail still reigns and why you should continue to include it in your healthcare marketing mix…even in the digital age.

Direct mail:

  1. Cures email overload
  2. Targets more granularly
  3. Lowers costs
  4. Can be customized and personalized
  5. Arrives in style
  6. Is tangible…you can feel it
  7. Resonates with recipients – including Millennials
  8. Establishes trust
  9. Works in tandem with other mediums
  10. Garners strong returns


Need more proof that direct mail works to share with stakeholders?
Download a copy of our full article, “Direct Mail in the Digital Age” here.