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Deck the Halls with ICD-10 Codes

Posted December 18, 2017

Last year we covered Halloween and Thanksgiving. This year, back by popular demand, our annual Holiday roundup of hilarious and random ICD-10 codes focuses on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The hazards of the Holidays are all around us. If you, for example, fa la la la la…fall on the ice outside and need medical assistance, there’s an ICD-10 code for that: WOO.9XXA – unspecified fall due to ice and snow, initial encounter. Or maybe you fell from a ladder while trying to string those outdoor lights? There’s code W11.XXXA – fall on and from ladder, initial encounter. Or even worse, perhaps you fell from a reindeer-pulled sleigh? Yep. There’s a code for that: 10V80.929A.

Who knew decorating could be so dangerous? If you happen to electrocute yourself while putting the lights up on the tree, you’re covered with code T75.4XXA: Electric shock/electrocution, initial encounter. And for those pesky accidents that occur during gift wrapping or arts & crafts, there’s W45.1XXA: paper entering through skin, initial encounter and Y93.D: contact with scissors; activities involving arts and handcrafts.

Don’t think for a second that plants and animals are safe either. Just in case you’re thrown from a horse-drawn carriage, or in the event that Grandma actually gets run over by a reindeer, there are codes for that: V80.1: injury as occupant of animal-drawn vehicle and W55.32XA: struck by other hoof stock, initial encounter.

And in the event your foray under the Mistletoe goes awry, or your toddler decides to taste the Poinsettia or holly berries, don’t worry, there’s T63.791A: toxic effect of contact with other venomous plant, accidental (unintentional), initial encounter.

Lastly, before the resolutions begin, celebrating New Year’s Eve typically includes eating, drinking and dancing. Don’t overdo it though – too much merriment may lead to:

Inappropriate diet and eating habits: Z724

Alcohol use, unspecified with intoxication, unspecified: F10.929

Activities involving dancing and other rhythmic movement: Y93.4

Be sure to celebrate the Holidays joyously (but safely!).