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Decisionology: The Solution Designed to Inform & Propel Health System Growth

Posted April 9, 2018

In the event you missed the press release, we wanted to formally introduce you to Decisionology – the newest solution recently added to the Tea Leaves Health platform stack. Moving forward, we’ll frequently be blogging about the latest news and features of Decisionology.

Decisionology is an enterprise-level healthcare business development and market intelligence solution. It provides a top-down, strategic view of all your data through a rich Business Intelligence (BI) user interface.

Decisionology has been in the beta phase for some time, but it is now ready to start helping organizations analyze complex data with ease. This product combines the data sets from Patientology and Physicianology and provides an integrated view of the following:

  • Patient data trends
  • Clinical characteristics
  • Strategic marketing activities
  • Customer segmentation
  • Demographics
  • Market intelligence information

Key Features

Decisionology delivers all your critical data in one place. This integrated view of patient data:

Enables non-technical strategists, marketers and planners to analyze complex data with ease.

Decisionology provides a more effective means of gaining insight into your side of the business without having to go back to IT or business analysts for more data. Yet it’s still powerful enough for analysts who need access to record-level encounter data and fully-customizable reports.

Lets you interact with information in ways that spreadsheets just can’t do.

The interface includes powerful data visualization features, point-and-click query capabilities, interactive mapping, temporal analytics, data export capabilities and much more.

Leverage pre-built dashboards that demystify complex strategic questions.

Decisionology’s next-generation reporting brings immediate insight to today’s challenges. It allows you to answer questions like, “Where are new patients entering our system? How much downstream revenue do they generate? How do I identify dormant patients? What are the key growth drivers at a macro level? What does growth look like at a customer segmentation level?”

Interested in learning how you can leverage the insights within Decisionology now? Contact our experts.