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Client Spotlight: Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

Posted March 12, 2018

At Tea Leaves Health, we focus on strategically helping our clients, and we love learning more about the people we serve. We frequently feature clients here in our Client Spotlight, so you can learn more about current CRM initiatives happening across the country. Today we’re featuring Sarah Kehr Lieberum from Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.

Tell us your title, what organization you work for, a quick description of your role and a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Kehr Lieberum. I work for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, an independent hospital in Chesapeake, Virginia. I’m the manager of the Marketing department that consists of four other magnificent team members. I’ve been here for four years, but my husband and I are originally from Pittsburgh – where I also worked in healthcare (in fact, my entire family works in healthcare).

What would you say is your department’s biggest challenge, and what are you doing to overcome that?

To be honest, one of our biggest challenges is cost. We are a smaller health system in a market with large, system competitors. Sustaining high-cost marketing for long periods of time isn’t regularly an option for us, and so we’re forced to overcome that. Our team has done some great work in thinking creatively on how to overcome that and still maintain a presence through different channels, mainly digital. We’ve also worked hard to launch a blog that allows us to be not only a health care provider, but a resource for our patients and the community.

What are some of the main initiatives you’re working on now?

Our main initiatives at the moment include adopting a new strategy that’s been rolled out by our leadership and creating a marketing strategy that correlates with the business objectives of the system. We also want to establish a process for rolling out marketing requests for service lines that aren’t necessarily at the top of the business strategy, but still need attention and marketing for initiatives.

In what ways do you feel your organization has benefited from the Patientology solution?

Patientology has allowed us to consistently maintain monthly direct mail drops for different service lines. It’s wonderful because we can specifically target the audiences we want to reach with the help of our Patientology team. They’re incredible. The data has also come in handy when we’re asked to pull numbers for different zip codes.

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