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Client Spotlight: Ascension Michigan

Posted July 17, 2017

The work we do at Tea Leaves Health is all for our clients, and we love learning more about the people we partner with. Each month we’ll feature a new client here in our Client Spotlight, so you can learn more about the CRM initiatives currently happening in the industry. This month we’re featuring Louis Martin, Manager, Brand Strategy for Ascension Michigan.

  1. Tell us your title, what organization you work for, a quick description of your role and a little bit about yourself.

Louis Martin; Manager, Brand Strategy, Ascension Michigan.

I am currently the brand strategy manager for Ascension Michigan. We’re working to make a difference in the lives of those we serve by helping people know who and where we are in the community.

For the last eighteen years I’ve worked in several aspects of healthcare marketing; including brand and advertising, physician marketing, marketing research, media relations and public relations. My previous background includes marketing work in the both the public and private sectors; including government relations and advocacy work, and a wide variety of media production experience.

Since last year when Ascension Marketing and Communications became one team across the organization, I have been a liaison between our Michigan-based Marketing team and other Marketing teams across our system.

  1. What would you say is your department’s biggest challenge, and what are you doing to overcome that?

Simply stated, our biggest challenge is to deliver a resonating message to the right people and inspire action. We must continually stand out from the abundant message clutter in people’s daily lives and find the consumer segment within which our message has significant meaning.

To accomplish this, we are always focused on smart segmentation, research-based messaging and campaign measurement. As a department we regularly compare learnings with our counterparts across Ascension.

  1. Why did your organization decide to implement the Patientology solution?

Marketing leadership across Ascension collectively determined that having a solution for direct marketing segmentation and reporting capabilities made sense for our organization. We began with seven of Ascension’s markets adopting Tea Leaves Health Patientology.

Today, Ascension has 13 markets leveraging Tea Leaves Health for both direct mail and email marketing campaigns. We have also created our own system-wide Tea Leaves users’ group. This group shares best practices, determines how we can leverage one campaign across multiple markets, and looks at how we’ll use the product to meet our strategic marketing needs.

  1. What kind of campaigns are you currently running with Patientology/Tea Leaves Health?

Ascension Michigan is a collection of five health systems across the state of Michigan, so as you might guess, we run many campaigns concurrently. A wide variety of campaigns are now running in Michigan and across Ascension that range from promoting consumer screenings, to supporting the launch of new services, sites of care and new physician providers.

  1. What advice would you give other Tea Leaves Health clients?

Your Tea Leaves database has many capabilities that can and should be used. Resist the outdated marketing urge to use standard demographic segmentation and order lists. When you’re at the wheel of a Ferrari, don’t drive it like a Pinto wagon.

  1. What’s been the most surprising thing about working with Tea Leaves Health?

In addition to having our Ascension user group as a best practice resource, the Tea Leaves staff is always available for refining campaigns and direct consultation. Their support for our projects is real-time and consistent.

Over the years I have become suspicious when vendors claim to have healthcare experience; but the Tea Leaves staff really does. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my Tea Leaves representative has a deep understanding of I/P and O/P care including physician and consumer perspectives. This is a very valuable resource as we shape our campaigns.


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