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Client Spotlight: Advocate Health Care

Posted August 7, 2017

The work we do at Tea Leaves Health is all for our clients, and we love learning more about the people we serve! Each month we’ll feature a new client here in our Client Spotlight, so you can learn more about the initiatives currently happening in the industry. This month we’re featuring Jay Keltner from Advocate Health Care.

  1. Tell us your title, organization, a quick description of your role and a little bit about yourself.

Jay Keltner, Director of Marketing, Advocate Health Care, Downers Grove, IL.

Advocate Health Care is the largest health system in Illinois and a major healthcare provider in the Midwest. Advocate operates more than 400 sites of care and 12 hospitals, provides the state’s largest integrated children’s network, and offers one of the region’s most comprehensive medical groups.

As Marketing Director for Advocate, I lead and implement strategic marketing initiatives to support key service lines and site growth for the system. Prior to joining Advocate, I led marketing strategies at another healthcare system and at a national healthcare industry association.

My wife, Lisa, and I have two sons and live in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. When not participating in my kids’ activities, I enjoy cycling, competing in triathlons, and volunteering.


  1. What is your department’s biggest challenge, and what are you doing to overcome that?

One of our department’s largest challenges is to be more efficient with our communication strategies to both consumers and the medical community within our system of care. Quite simply, we need to be able to communicate relevant content with more mediums in the marketplace than in years’ past. To overcome this challenge, we have invested a great deal of time and resources to be better our uses of new technologies, such as digital. We incorporate our communications strategies through integrated marketing tactics that better place communications in front of the community in a cost-efficient manner.


  1. When and why did your organization decide to implement the Patientology™ solution?

Advocate Health Care has been using Patientology since November, 2014. We began using the tool because it has the right mix of storing our vast number of system datasets and applicable marketing communication tools and reporting. Our marketing team can simply concentrate on developing customized communications, not technically having to know every detail of the CRM database. With Patientology, we can see the consumer migration from prospect to loyal user and automate communications to keep in touch with them.


  1. You are also a beta client for Decisionology™, our newest product. Can you speak for a moment about Decisionology and what you are using it for?

Decisionology is a tool that serves as a natural progression for those organizations who want even more powerful intelligence about their consumer audience. We use this tool primarily in our business development and planning office and it integrates large datasets that can be queried against local claims data to provide an amazing amount of information and knowledge. This allows us to get an accurate representation of our entire market, including competitors, to better understand and prepare our growth strategies.


  1. You recently presented at the Tea Leaves Health Client Summit, on leveraging CRM data analytics and customer insights to drive strategy. Can you share a little bit about that presentation with us and tell us what the main message/takeaway was?

The intent of the presentation was to show how we have been successful in turning data into insights that drive our marketing strategies and consumer experiences. The first half of the presentation was spent letting the audience know what our system consists of, including the structure of our team, competitive service area, and how we collect data. Then I presented some case studies showing the impact that CRM has had on our cardiology service line and how it helped identify successful marketing tactics. From there, I gave examples of our next steps in using that information to drive future initiatives. For instance, our successful integration of a heart health risk assessment (HRA) allowed us to expand the offering into eight additional service lines. Now we target consumers to self-identify services that are of interest to them so we can better respond and provide service offerings to match their needs.


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