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Client Spotlight: Adventist HealthCare

Posted November 12, 2018

At Tea Leaves Health, we focus on helping our clients with their strategies, and we love learning more about the people we serve. We frequently feature clients here in our Client Spotlight, so you can learn more about the consumer engagement initiatives happening across the country. This week we’re featuring Shanna Muschik from Adventist HealthCare.

Shanna Muschik, Adventist HealthCare

Shanna Muschik from Adventist HealthCare

Tell us your title, what organization you work for, a quick description of your role and a little bit about yourself.

I am the PR/Marketing Director of Non-Acute Services at Adventist HealthCare. My main role is to promote Adventist HealthCare’s Ambulatory and Population Health services, including our employed physician practices, urgent care centers and outpatient imaging centers. I have been with Adventist HealthCare for five years and have launched our three urgent care centers, six outpatient imaging offices and helped grow our employed physician practices to over 15 locations.

What would you say is your department’s biggest challenge, and what are you doing to overcome that?

I believe our biggest challenge is getting and analyzing data. Getting data out of our different systems in a way that we can analyze is difficult given the many competing priorities across our system. One of the ways I am trying to overcome that is to work more closely with our Business Intelligence team to help define the type of data we need to better track and target our marketing campaigns in Tea Leaves.

When and why did your organization decide to implement the Patientology and Physicianology solutions?

Adventist HealthCare implemented both Patientology and Physicianology in the summer of 2013, just a few months after I started with Adventist HealthCare. As a department, we felt that we needed a better way to target, segment and track our customers and physicians differently than in the past. We felt the Tea Leaves system gave us greater insights into how our community would use our services and allowed us to better understand which physicians were referring to our hospitals. In addition to Patientology and Physicianology, we just adopted and were recently trained on Decisionology. We look forward to the additional reporting capabilities it will provide and are excited to do a deeper analysis of our data – especially in regards to customer segmentation and trending.

How are the solutions helping you make progress with your current initiatives?

I use both Physicianology and Patientology several times a week. I use it as part of integrated marketing campaigns, physician referral tracking and tracking the success of certain campaigns. One of our new initiatives is to start an automated email campaign to help encourage early detection in women that have taken our breast cancer health risk assessment.