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CentraCare Health Selects Tea Leaves Health

Posted February 29, 2016

New York – Feb. 29, 2016 – Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY) recently announced its partnership with CentraCare Health, one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals according to Truven Healthcare Analytics. Specifically, CentraCare Health has chosen Tea Leaves Health, a company acquired by Everyday Health in August 2015, to be vendor of choice. This strategic business development relationship will allow CentraCare to serve customers more effectively by engaging them with relevant information and ultimately improving the outcomes of its patients. Additionally, they will be able to partner with their physicians in a more meaningful way to better serve the residents of Central Minnesota.

CentraCare licensed PatientologyÔ, Tea Leaves Health’s patient and prospect engagement solution as well as PhysicianologyÔ, the physician relationship management software. CentraCare believes using both tools synergistically within one platform will deepen relationships with both consumers and physicians, thus accelerating growth initiatives and for the organization.

“Strategic growth today requires access to accurate data that is easily translated into meaningful and actionable information,” explained Anthony Gardner, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for CentraCare. “With such a platform in place, organizations can be much more precise in reaching appropriate customers with relevant information. Because of our thorough due diligence, we feel confident the Tea Leaves products can help us accomplish this.”

Gardner joined CentraCare six months ago and immediately saw an opportunity to enhance the organization’s growth via a better understanding of patients, consumers and physicians. He felt an integrated and seamless strategic growth platform was the clear choice to address this opportunity. Many factors were considered when narrowing down vendors, but the most critical factor was data quality and integrity. The strategic decisions CentraCare will make based on the data will be vital for future success, so they had to feel confident they would be working with excellent data, enhanced by proven predictive modeling.

“We vetted six different vendors over the course of four months, however every interaction with Tea Leaves had a consistent feeling of quality and excellence – from the data, to the tool itself, to the team’s deep knowledge and service orientation,” continued Gardner. “The user-friendly interface, the account management staff’s extensive healthcare experience, single sign-on and seamless integration of the Patientology and Physicianology platforms, the extremely high satisfaction among client references we contacted, and the extraordinary focus on service provided by the entire team during our due diligence process were the reasons we chose Tea Leaves.”

“We are thrilled to be partners with CentraCare as they begin to reach patients and providers in a more personal way,” stated Doug Zarvell, Senior Vice President of Sales, Tea Leaves Health. “Customer focus is our top priority and CentraCare can expect a long-term partnership with us. Our platform’s design and business development approach will always be geared toward addressing his needs as a client.”

For more information on how Tea Leaves Health’s One Platform technology can help your organization reach patients and providers in a more relevant and personal way, visit tealeaveshealth/solutions or contact marketing@tealeaveshealth.com.

About Tea Leaves Health:

Tea Leaves Health was acquired by Everyday Health in August 2015. Together with Tea Leaves Health, Everyday Health now leverages its existing audience, content and data assets to provide the healthcare industry with a one-of-a-kind full service strategic business development. Dedicated to delivering service-line growth for health systems around the country, the Tea Leaves team is focused on delivering business intelligence solutions specifically for the healthcare industry. With extensive experience in healthcare business development and marketing, Tea Leaves Health’s client service and strategy teams have unrivaled expertise in helping health systems maximize profits and prioritize efforts to deliver strategic growth. 

About CentraCare Health:

CentraCare Health is a six-hospital not-for-profit health system that provides comprehensive care to people throughout Central Minnesota. The system also includes six nursing homes, senior housing in six communities and 18 clinics. A nine-time recipient of the “100 Top Hospital” designation by Truven Health Analytics, CentraCare is a national leader in providing quality health care, while simultaneously collaborating with community partners to improve community health and wellness.