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Build Awareness Around Colon Cancer

Posted December 5, 2016


Colonoscopies may be surrounded by unpleasant stigmas, but they are necessary. Colon Cancer is nearly 90% beatable when detected early, so Colonoscopy campaigns can truly save lives. There is no better time than the present to begin planning your awareness campaigns and promoting your Colonoscopy services in preparation for Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March.

So how do you convince more people to get screened? Start with messaging that educates individuals around what a Colonoscopy actually entails and reassure them that the procedure is easy, and not as unpleasant as the stigma deems it to be. Try using humor or lighthearted text that captures their attention, yet stresses how important screenings are and how treatable Colon Cancer can be if it’s caught early. Also consider including the risk factors of Colon Cancer in your content: smoking, heavy alcohol use, being overweight or physically inactive and certain diets have all been linked to Colon Cancer, along with genetics and some other factors.

Providing relevant communications to at-risk individuals will help more people remain in control of their health and wellbeing and get more people to participate in routine procedures. But how do you capture the right people?

The Tea Leaves Health platform makes promoting your Colonoscopy services and reaching current qualified patients and prospects in your market that are or may be at risk for Colon Cancer easy and cost-effective. By utilizing the PatientologyTM application, you can easily target men and women ages 50-75 who are in need of a Colonoscopy. And our targeting technology can always be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Our consumer engagement solution reaches potential targets before they even know they are at risk. We can execute direct mail campaigns that connect with individuals in your service area, promote your services and educate recipients about getting screened.

Other tips for successful Colon Cancer Awareness Month campaigns:

  • When executing your campaigns, ensure your calls-to-action (CTAs) are easy to understand and follow.
  • Include CTAs on your pieces that direct recipients to a website or call center to schedule appointments, attend screening events or nutritional seminars, or even to the patient portal to direct book.
  • Capture demographic information via web forms, event attendance lists and class registration lists as ways to continue the conversation with patients and consumers in your service area.
  • If your call-to-action is to attend a class, seminar or event, keep a list of attendees so you can track downstream ROI.

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