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Automate Your Marketing

Posted November 28, 2016

virtualGrowthAs you wrap up 2016 and begin planning your 2017 campaigns, remember that Tea Leaves Health can make your marketing efforts easier next year. Web2Anything™, the communication engine within Patientology, automates campaigns in a few swift clicks.

Easily create personalized digital and print messaging using custom branding and imagery and execute those campaigns via multiple channels through one interface. Simply select your audience, upload your creative or build it in Web2Anything, and then send it via email, banner ads, social media, direct mail, IVR calling and more.

Want to repeat the same campaign but send it to a different audience on a regular basis? Our team can show you how to set up automated trigger campaigns so you can set and forget your marketing, giving you more time to accomplish the rest of your to-do list. Contact us for all the details on trigger campaigns, marketing automation and Web2Anything.

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