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Adventures in Healthcare Marketing

Posted September 11, 2018

Healthcare marketing is an adventure, to say the least. As we get ready to attend the 2018 Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society’s (WHPRMS) Tri-State Conference taking place in the “Waterpark Capitol of the World” next week, we’re definitely preparing to discuss how our industry is a lot like a waterslide – sometimes bright, sometimes dark, with plenty of twists and turns and a whole lot of uncertainty.

The WHPRMS organization has outdone itself this year – teaming up with the healthcare marketing and PR societies from both Illinois (ISHMPR) and Minnesota (MHSCN). This conference will be bigger than ever, and while we talk with attendees from all three states in our booth at the Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, September 19-21, we’ll be sharing how our solution stack can help provide healthcare organizations with the data-driven consumer, physician and business intelligence they need. Below are a few examples of how we can help you answer tough questions by providing the solid information and facts you need to plan ahead, act accordingly and meet your leadership goals:

1. Our consumer engagement solution, Patientology, helps identify and stop outmigration of current high-value customers. It can also improve your acquisition strategy by identifying and targeting new profitable customers. We use the opposite of a spray-and-pray approach; we target to the individual level by giving marketers profile information for smart messaging and targeting, detailed below:

  • Age/gender
  • Occupations
  • HH’s w/children
  • Other risk factors
  • Social media/digital propensity

2. Physicianology, designed by Physician Liaisons for Physician Liaisons, assists with physician alignment and helps organizations find referral leakage and reverse it. Our physician engagement solution can identify market providers by service area, county, zip code, city or radius. With that information, users can create Action Plans to grow that business and then pull reports on the progress. Your organization can know if you’re seeing an increase in encounters/volume based on the business development team’s efforts.

3. Arthur C. Nielsen said, “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” It’s impossible to know what steps to take next if you don’t know where you are now. Our Business Intelligence solution, Decisionology, delivers the full force of Tea Leaves Health’s data assets in an interactive, point-and-click BI platform specifically designed to:

  • Pinpoint growth opportunities
  • Track patient value
  • Monitor key growth drivers
  • Power data-driven decision making

Decisionology’s “Instant BI” model means users have access to integrated:

  • Patient/encounter data
  • Market/demographics data
  • Physician/provider trends
  • Claims/competitive analytics
  • Campaign and Touch Point data sources

All of this is delivered in a self-service platform with zero overhead and low total cost of ownership versus market alternatives.

4. Powerful things can happen when consumer and physician engagement work in tandem. Take your strategy to new heights by using Patientology and Physicianology together. Some examples of when this works well is:

  • For Service lines that are both consumer and physician driven, such as:
    • Orthopedics
    • Cardiology
    • Bariatric/Weight
    • Oncology
    • Neurosurgery

Providers want to be well informed and be able to suggest appropriate care, especially when a patient asks. Well planned co-marketing produces maximum impact, and using CRM and PRM with one another is the best way to influence overall growth for a program or service.

If you’re attending the conference and want to learn more about this, then join us as our experts discuss “When CRM and PRM Join Forces” on Thursday, September 20 at 1:30 p.m.

5. Using a combination of all three solutions in the Tea Leaves Health technology stack and applying the insights provided by the data will greatly impact your organization’s overall strategy.

To provide a real use case, imagine your organization is trying to drive patients to/increase patient volume to a new location. Simultaneously, you want your physicians at that new location to be aware of your marketing efforts and be on board with the communication that is going out. You can use Patientology to send out a communication to prospects and patients in the area surrounding the new location, and you can use Physicianology to talk to referring providers in that location.

Finally, you can use Decisionology to look at how your efforts are moving the needle. You can view reports that show you whether or not you’re seeing an increase in volume to that new location. You can also track the referral patterns of the physicians within Decisionology. Essentially, you can view the results of all of your efforts through one single sign-on application.

When all three products are used together, the Tea Leaves Health Strategic Growth Platform can help you analyze your market, define your strategy, set your focus, and measure your results. Most importantly, it helps healthcare organizations manage and improve the health of the population.

Strategic growth platforms allow organizations to reach desired populations through low-cost, automated communication channels with relevant, personalized content that encourages behavioral change. Engaging the right audience and communicating with them appropriately translates to:

  • Healthier populations
  • Higher patient and consumer engagement
  • Greater awareness and market share
  • Stronger acquisition and utilization rates
  • Increased downstream revenue, margins and profitability
  • Substantial ROI

If you’re attending the Tri-State Conference, find us in the Tea Leaves Health booth and say hello, or contact us here for more information.